Willis Jackson - Smoking With Willis (1965)

Genre: Jazz / Soul Jazz | Total Time: 33:53 | Size: 77.47 MB | MP3 320 kbps
Side A
A1. Doin' The Mudcat {David C. Randolph, Willis Jackson} (4:16)
A2. And I Love Her {John Lennon, Paul McCartney} (5:34)
A3. Goose Pimples {David C. Randolph, Willis Jackson} (4:38)
A4. Yesterday {John Lennon, Paul McCartney} (3:13)
Side B
B1. Broadway {Bill Bird, Henry Woode, Teddy McCrae} (6:51)
B2. Who Can I Turn To [When Nobody Needs Me] {Anthony Newley, Leslie Bricusse} (4:44)
B3. A Hard Day's Night {John Lennon, Paul McCartney} (5:37)

Willis Jackson - Tenor Saxophone
Franklyn Robinson - Trumpet
Butch Cornell - Organ
Vincent Corrao - Guitar
Bob Bushnell - Bass
David Niskanan - Drums

Recorded November, 1965 at A&R Recording Studios, New York City
A great album from Willis Jackson - a real sleeper, and with a very groovy feel! Willis smokes with an organ combo that has Butch Cornell at the keys, and which also features Vince Corrao on guitar and Franklyn Robinson on trumpet. The tracks are a mix of originals and Beatles covers (believe it or not!), and Willis is in that playful mid-60s mode, where he's working with so much profiency on the tenor that he can take some groovy chances on the solos. The rhythm's got a great Cadet soul jazz vibe to it - and the album fits nicely with some of Jack McDuff's work on the same label. Titles include "Yesterday", "Hard Day's Night", "Goose Pimples", and "Doin' The Mudcat".

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