The John Glasel Brasstet - Jazz Unlimited (1960)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 33:03 | Size: 74.44 MB | MP3 320 kbps
Side 1
1. Time For One More
2. Stablemates
3. It Don't Mean A Thing
4. More Than You Know
5. Vikki

Side 2

1. Walt's With 'Em
2. Koll Angkor Wat
3. Stella By Starlight
4. Fugue For Jazz Orchestra
5. Daydream

John Glasel, trumpet
Louis Mucci, trumpet
James Buffington, cornet
Harvey Phillips, tuba
John Drew, bass
Ed Shaughnessy, drums
Johnny Glasel also known as John Glasel (born Joseph Samuel Glasel, 1930, Manhattan, New York), was an American jazz trumpeter.

Glasel attended the Yale School of Music early in the 1950s and then played in the New Haven Symphony Orchestra and chamber music ensembles alongside gigs with jazz musicians. He had previously played in the 1940s with Bob Wilber.

Living in New York City later in the 1950s, Glasel played in Ray McKinley's Glenn Miller tribute and in the orchestras of Broadway shows, as well as at Radio City Music Hall. He played with a group called The Six and in the orchestra of Bill Russo. He released albums of his own in the 1950s and 1960s.

Glasel's recorded output is vast but difficult to trace. In addition to his work with Gil Evans (most notably on Into the Hot), he recorded extensively as a pop session musician, and often did so uncredited. He is known to have played with John Denver and Astrud Gilberto among many others.

Glasel became president of Local 802 of the New York City Musicians' Union early in the 1980s, maintaining the position until 1992. Another album was released in 2004.

He was secretary of Health Care for All/NJ and was appointed by Gov. Jon Corzine to serve on the New Jersey Health Care Access Study Commission. He writes about health care reform and other social issues. He lived in New Jersey.

John died in the early morning hours of December 8, 2011.

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