Orange - In The Midst Of Chaos (1977)

Genre: Jazz / Free Jazz | Total Time: 42:02 | Size: 113.66 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Golden Falcons
02. Om Shanti
03. The Liquid Nature Of
04. And Then She Appeared in the Midst of Chaos
05. Peace
06. Release From
07. Sad Joy
08. Broccoli
09. The Jamel Voice
10. Sunset Beyond the Safety
11. Subway over the Rainbow

Alto Saxophone, Bells, Voice, Liner Notes – Paul Flaherty
Drums [American], Steel Drums – Hobbit
Electric Bass – Bob Laramie
Electric Guitar, Trumpet, Fife – Barry Greika

Recorded and mixed on August 3 and September 1, 1977, except tracks 5 and 10 which were recorded and mixed on August 29, 1977.

Sound mix and mastering at Amphion Recording, June, 1978.

First issued on vinyl in 1978 in a small run of 200 copies.

"Free jazz group Orange's one and only release In The Midst Of Chaos was recorded in 1978 and became renowned saxophonist Paul Flaherty's first record. It's also the first and only release of legendary 'out' guitarist Barry Greika, who along with Bob Laramie on bass and Glen 'Hobbit' Peterson on drums remains a terribly under-recorded group. Orange made a screaming, blistering, howling slap of a record that defies categorization, as it pushed the already hazy '70s into uncharted confusion. An LP release of only 200 copies on its only run, it received the notice of seriously few. Besides the band, only two people definitely heard it; one sailed it out the kitchen window, the wife of the other demanded the thing leave the house. But as the times have changed, we're just certain it's gonna sell wildly now. So here you go, hardcore free-form improvisation enthusiastically rejuvenated, without shame."

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