Matty Matlock & The Paducah Patrol - Four-Button Dixie (1958)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 41:26 | Size: 95.38 MB | MP3 320 kbps
Side 1
1. In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town
2. You've Got To See Mama Ev'ry Night
3. Sweet Georgia Brown
4. When My Sugar Walks Down The Street
5. Mama's Gone, Goodbye
6. Nobody's Sweetheart

Side 2
1. Some Of These Days
2. When Bhudda Smiles
3. Everybody Loves My Baby
4. Blue (And Broken Hearted)
5. Hard Hearted Hannah
6. Alabamy Bound
With a six-horn frontline and a band full of West Coast studio musicians, some of whom were alumni of Bob Crosby's Bobcats and all of whom were very adept at Dixieland, Matty Matlock's ten-piece Paducah Patrol had its own sound. The leader's arrangements kept the vintage tunes fresh, and some of the songs on this LP (such as "You've Got to See Mama Ev'ry Night," "Mama's Gone, Goodbye" and "When Buddha Smiles") were not often played in this setting. Among the key soloists are Eddie Miller on tenor and baritone, Shorty Sherock and Johnny Best on trumpets, and trombonist Abe Lincoln, in addition to the clarinetist/leader. Dixieland fans should search for all of Matlock's hard-to-find LPs.

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