Lynn Hope & Clifford Scott - Juicy! (1960)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 54:50 | Size: 111.25 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Juicy [Alternate Take]
02. Blue and Sentimental
03. Hang Out - Clifford Scott
04. Stardust
05. Oo-Wee
06. Tenderly
07. Shu-Ee - Clifford Scott
08. Very Thought of You
09. Shockin'
10. Rose Room
11. Cutie - Clifford Scott
12. I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You
13. Little Landslide
14. Full Moon
15. Blue Lady - Clifford Scott
16. Sands of the Sahara
17. Juicy
18. Fros-Tee Nite - Clifford Scott
19. Body and Soul
20. Shockin' [Alternate Take]

Lynn Hope (Sax Tenor)
Clifford Scott (Sax (Tenor)
Gene Redd (Trumpet, Vibraphone)
Hank Marr (Organ)
Charles Brown (Piano)
Bill Willis (Bass)
Clarence Mack (Bass)
Philip Paul (Drums)

Recording Date March 4, 1960 - December 9, 1960
"Here's another must for sax instrumental buffs, with rare wax by Texas tenor Clifford Scott and balladeer Lynn Hope. You and a few million others heard Scott on Bill Doggett's classic "Honky Tonk"; here he is joined by organist Hank Marr, Charles Brown on piano, and other session cookers for five solid shufflin' sides. Lynn Hope is a different character -- a Muslim who admired the record-selling style of Earl Bostic, and in turn influenced a generation of ska hornsmen. In contrast to his lush romantic sound on "Stardust," "Tenderly," "Ghost of a Chance," etc., there's the bar-walkin' "Shockin'," jazzy "Juicy," swaggering "Little Landslide," and exotic "Sands of the Sahara." There are 20 tooters total and little duplication with Hope's Saxophonograph material."

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