George Howard - A Nice Place To Be (1986)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 43:22 | Size: 100.17 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. No No
2. Jade's World
3. Sweetest Taboo
4. Nice Place To Be
5. Let's Live In Harmony
6. Pretty Face
7. Spenser For Hire
8. Stanley's Groove

George Howard (Soprano sax, lead vocals, bass synth, drum machine, acoustic piano); Paul Jackson Jr. (Guitar); Victor Bailey (Bass); Paulinho Da Costa (Percussion); Natan East (Bass); Stanley Clarke (Bass, tenor bass, bass synth, Emu vocals); George Duke (Synclavier Rhodes, TX-8); Rayford Griffin (Drums); Robert Brookins (Keyboards, Emu harp); Wayne Linsay (Bass synth, keyboards, Emu strings); Kevin Chokan (Guitar); Josie James, Lynn Davis, George Merrill, Carl Carwell (Background vocals); Dr. Gibbs (Percussion, bongos, shakere).

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