Dennis Coffey - Back Home (1977)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 42:53 | Size: 100.98 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Funk Connection
2. Back Home
3. Free Spirit
4. Our Love Goes On Forever
5. High On Love
6. Boogie Magic
7. Wings Of Fire

Personnel: Guitar – Dennis Coffey; Alto Saxophone, Flute, Tenor Saxophone – Larry Nozero; Bass – Roderick Chandler (Penut); Drums – Lee Nathan Marcus; Piano – Garry Schunk, Rudy Robinson; Rhythm Guitar – Bruce Nazarian, Eddie Willis; Trombone – Stu Sanders; Trumpet – Johnny Trudell, Marcus Belgraves, Maurice Davis; Vocals – Brandy.
With each successive effort for the Westbound label, Dennis Coffey moved further away from the heady funk-rock of his earliest LPs and towards a glossy, unapologetically commercial approach informed by the growing popularity of disco. With Back Home, he essentially abandons funk for good, in the process scoring a major disco hit with "Wings of Fire." But disco is about production, not virtuoso playing, and too much of Back Home stifles Coffey's innovative fretwork in favor of overbaked arrangements and repetitive rhythms. The end result smoothes away the rough edges that made Coffey such an exciting and singular guitarist.

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