Tubby Hayes & Paul Gonsalves - Change Of Setting (1965)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 40:25 | Size: 95.43 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Change of Setting (Hayes) - 4:23
02. Royal Flush (South) - 3:40
03. Child's Fancy (Crombie) - 4:19
04. Min and Madge Blues (Condon) - 4:16
05. Deb's Delight (Crombie) - 5:00
06. Tubby's Theme (aka Soft and Supple) (Hayes) - 5:20
07. Speedy Gonsalves (Condon) - 4:17
08. Don't Fall Off the Bridge (Hayes) - 9:17
Label - Harkit Records
Recorded at Lansdowne Studios, Notting Hill Gate, London on February 15, 1965

Ray Nance - trumpet, violin
Paul Gonsalves - tenor saxophone
Tubby Hayes - tenor saxophone, flute, vibraphone
Ronnie Scott - tenor saxophone, clarinet
Tony Coe - alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, clarinet
Jackie Sharpe - baritone saxophone
Terry Shannon - piano
John Lambe - bass
Ronnie Stephenson - drums
ORIGINALLY RELEASED in the summer of 1967, it seemed to have disappeared—that is, until now in this sparkling remastered stereo release (first time on CD). Considered by fans of Hayes and Gonsalves to be one of the hardest-to-find and most sought-after of their recordings. They first joined forces on “Just friends” in a rarity in more ways than one; British jazzmen rarely joined their US counterparts gathering around a microphone, let alone as equals.
This follow-up was financed by London saxophonist Jack Sharpe, this album is a real revelation of just how advanced and unafraid these fine musicians were to push the borders out and demonstrate here, what truly accomplished talents they were!
With his usual flair for explaining what you are about to hear, Tubby biographer and fellow saxophonist Simon Spillett has written an excellent essay to accompany the release.
So, here we are, fifty years later...give your ears a treat!

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