T-Bone Walker - Feelin' The Blues (1968-69)

Genre: Blues | Total Time: 58:09 | Size: 144.84 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. I hate to see you go 3:41
2. Ain't that cold baby 6:33
3. Someone is going to mistreat me 3:26
4. Leavin' you behind 4:15
5. Feeling the blues 6:11
6. I want a little girl 5:06
7. Late blues 5:55
8. Gee baby ain't I good to you 4:30
9. Kansas city 3:46
10. Confessin' the blues 3:55
11. Hands off 3:20
12. Wee baby blues 3:20
13. Please send me someone to love 4:11

Tr. 1-8:
T-Bone Walker, vocal, guitar
Hal Singer, tenor sax
Georges Arvanitas, piano, organ
Jacky Samson, bass
S.P. Leary, drums
Recorded November 13, 1968, in Paris, France

Tr. 9-11:
Jay McShann, piano, vocal
T-Bone Walker, guitar
Roland Lobligeois, bass
Paul Gunther, drums
Recorded March 28, 1969, in Paris, France

Tr. 12, 13:
Eddie Vinson, vocal, alto sax
Hal Singer, tenor sax
Jay McShann, piano
T-Bone Walker, guitar
Roland Lobligeois, bass
Paul Gunther, drums
Recorded March 28, 1969, in Paris, France
Walker recorded this CD in France for the label Black & Blue. TiBone was one of the first bluesmen to conquer Europe (France in this case).

On the original vinyl there were only 8 songs in the composition: Walker - guitar, vocals; Hal Singer - Sax; Georges Arvanitas - piano, organ; Jackie Samson is a double bass; Es Pi Leary - drums. As you can see, the composition is very archaic and jazz. TiBoon was always almost a jazzman, just his knowledge and filing of root music helped him to be and remain a cult bluesman.

On the new French edition of CD added as many as 5 songs! 9 and 10, along with Jay McShann on vocals and pianos (another ancient founder of jazz and blues). 11-13 with Eddie Vinson on vocals and alto saxophone; This is again almost a salon jazz-blues, but everything is very edible.

What can I say about the main eight tracks ... TiBone plays the guitar less than he did in the 50's, but he sings just great! It is a pity that there is no bass guitar; In 1969 this blues sounds very archaic and boring (in some places). The matter is that "inveterate" jazzmen play with it, and they do not always play blues in the way that leaders and listeners would like. In the fourth track there is an attempt to play funky, but all this sounds very insecure, - it is immediately evident that these jazzmen did not pass the school of groove and soul jazz of the 60's.

In general, the album is very good and musical. The vocals and guitar of TyBoon ​​are on top, and everything else is just OK; This is enough sometimes.

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