Gustav Brom Orchestra - Artistry In Swing (1978)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 38:16 | Size: 91.06 MB | MP3 320 kbps
Side 1:
A1. Sugar Foot Stomp
A2. Dearly Beloved
A3. Begin The Beguine
A4. David And Goliath
A5. Count Basie's Royal Mace
A6. Greetings To The Orchestra

Side 2:
B1. Artistry In Rhythm
B2. Muttnik
B3. Amber
B4. Risotto
B5. Early Autumn
B6. Rat Race

Orchestra – Gustav Brom Se Svým Orchestrem
Alto, Soprano Saxophone – František Navrátil
Baritone Saxophone – Josef Audes
Contrabass, Bass Guitar – Jan Hubáček
Drums – Václav Skála
Electric Guitar – Igor Vavrda
Guest, Soloist, Flute – Günther Kočí (B3)
Percussion – Vítězslav Vavrda
Piano [Akust.], Electric Piano – Milan Vidlák
Soloist, Baritone Saxophone – Josef Audes (tracks: A6)
Soloist, Clarinet – František Navrátil (tracks: A3)
Soloist, Electric Piano [Fenderpiano] – Milan Vidlák (tracks: A4)
Soloist, Mellophone – Jaromír Hnilička (tracks: A6)
Soloist, Piano [Akust.] – Milan Vidlák (tracks: B1)
Soloist, Tenor Saxophone – Miloslav Petr (tracks: B4), Zdeněk Novák (tracks: A3, B1, B5)
Soloist, Trombone – Mojmír Bartek* (tracks: A6, B2)
Soloist, Trumpet – Jaromír Hnilička (tracks: A5, B2)
Tenor Saxophone – Miloslav Petr, Zdeněk Novák
Trombone – Gustav Brom Ml.*, Jan Formánek, Mojmír Bartek
Trumpet – Jaromír Hnilička, Jindřich Šmek, Václav Holub

Arranged by Jaromír Hnilička (A2, 4-6), Miloslav Petr (B4), Oldřich Blaha (B3), Zdeněk Novák (A1,3,B1,2,5,6)

Produced by Jaroslav Kratochvil

Recorded at Czechoslovak Radio Brno, studio I, March 1978.

Label: Supraphon
Gustav Brom (Gustav Brom, May 22, 1921 - September 25, 1995) is a clarinettist, alto saxophonist, head of the best jazz orchestra of Czechoslovakia in the 50-60's. In his youth he directed a student big band. In 1940 he gathered in Brno the first professional orchestra, in 1945 managed to organize a tour in Eastern Europe, in 1947 he worked for several months in Switzerland. In the same year he became the conductor of the dance orchestra in Bratislava. In 1948-55 he played in Brno in various small ensembles. In 1955 he assembled a new orchestra (the composition of an incomplete big band), which aroused great interest in Europe, and performed at many festivals.

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