Page Cavanaugh, Art Van Damme, Les Paul - Three Of A Kind (1965)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 25:27 | Size: 63.39 MB | MP3 320 kbps
Side 1
1. Art Van Damme - Thou Swell
2. Art Van Damme - Early Autumn
3. Les Paul - Dark Eyes
4. Les Paul - I Surrender Dear
5. Les Paul - I Can't Believe You're In Love With Me

Side 2
1. Les Paul - Cherokee
2. Page Cavanaugh - My Ideal
3. Page Cavanaugh - Junior Hop
4. Page Cavanaugh - Something In The Air
5. Page Cavanaugh - Lazy Lover
Design also put out a short series of about a dozen albums in 1964 called "Three of a Kind." Each album had three artists, loosely linked by some common theme. This was another effort by Pickwick to repackage old material. Each cover featured a large "3". Typically, these albums had nine tracks (sometimes ten), but they were not necessarily split evenly among the artists. One artist sometimes had only two songs, with the rest split between the remaining two artists.
The first pressings from 1964 used the black and white label with silver print (far left) for the mono DLP- series, while the stereo counterparts on the SDLP- series were issued on the Stereo Spectrum label with the usual gold Stereo Spectrum label (near left).
Occasionally, other labels were used, such as the black label with no graphics for mono (far left). In 1965, Design discontinued the Stereo Spectrum label and changed to a red label with black print (near left) for both mono and stereo. Therefore, red-label issues were repressings from 1965 or later.

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