Gil Melle - Patterns In Jazz (1956)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 36:58 | Size: 85.98 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. The Set Break
02. Weird Valley
03. The Arab Barber Blues
04. Nice Question
05. Moonlight In Vermont
06. Long Ago And Far Away
Label - Blue Note Records (2004 issue)

Gil Melle - baritone sax
Eddie Bert - trombone
Joe Cinderella - guitar
Oscar Pettiford - bass
Ed Thigpen - drums
Like the modern art that stormed the art world in the '50s, Patterns in Jazz is filled with bright, bold colors and identifiable patterns that camouflage how adventurous the work actually is. On the surface, the music is cool and laid-back, but close listening reveals the invention in Melle's compositions and arrangements of the standards "Moonlight in Vermont" and "Long Ago and Far Away." Part of the charm of Patterns in Jazz is the unusual instrumental balance of Melle's bari sax, Eddie Bert's trombone, Joe Cinderella's guitar, and Oscar Pettiford's bass. These low, throaty instruments sound surprisingly light and swinging. Compared to the two standards, Melle's original compositions are a little short on melody, but they give the musicians room to improvise, resulting in some dynamic music. Ultimately, Patterns in Jazz is cerebral music that swings - it's entertaining, but stimulating.

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