Edythe Aymes - Songs For A Rainy Day (1959)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 39:15 | Size: 86.15 MB | MP3 320 kbps

Side 1
1. September In The Rain
2. Lilacs In The Rain
3. Come Rain Or Come Shine
4. Blue Rain
5. Just Walking In The Rain
6. Cry Little Rain Cloud

Side 2
1. Garden In The Rain
2. It Looks Like Rain (In Cherry Blossom Ln)
3. With The Wind & The Rain In Your Hair
4. Rain
5. Isn't This A Lovely Day
6. Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

Edythe Aymes was the "White Rain Girl," a spokesmodel featured in White Rain shampoo commercials. There were other White Rain Girls, the best known of whom was Yvette Vickers, but Aymes managed to parlay her shampoo gig into a one-album deal with NRC Records. The result was Songs for a Rainy Day from 1959, which exploits the White Rain connection on a set of 12 songs with the word "rain" in the title. It may or may not have inspired Sue Raney's 1960 album Songs for a Raney Day, which has nearly the same title and includes some of the same songs. Aymes is a competent vocalist and turns in confident performances of standards such as "September in the Rain" and "Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall," but unlike many of her NRC labelmates, Aymes did not go on to become a famous recording artist. A larger label probably would have paired her with an orchestra, but a small combo provides the instrumental backdrop on Songs for a Rainy Day. The group consists of a jazzy electric guitar -- possibly played by NRC stalwart Sheldon Bennett -- with soft piano, upright bass, and a brushed snare drum, which gives the album an intimate feeling and a late-night cocktail lounge atmosphere. The album will appeal to regional listeners who remember Aymes from her radio and television work, as well as collectors with an interest in the NRC album catalog.

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