Cecil Taylor - Nuits De La Fondation Maeght Vol. 3 (LP-1972)

Genre: Jazz / Free Jazz | Total Time: 32:59 | Size: 362.05 MB | FLAC
Side A
A - Second Act Of A .... 13:00

Side B         
B - Second Act Of A .... 20:00

Cecil Taylor – piano
Jimmy Lyons – alto saxophone
Sam Rivers – tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Andrew Cyrille – drums, percussion

Label: Shandar – 83 509
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album / Country: France / Released: 1972
Style: Free Jazz, Free Improvisation
Recorded live on 29 July 1969 at Saint-Paul-de-Vence, France.
Photography By– Horace, Philippe Gras
Engineer [Sound] – Claude Jauvert
Producer [Conception] – Georges Perdriaud
Sleeve Notes [Inside] – Daniel Caux
Matrix / Runout (Side A): NPO SR 83509A
Matrix / Runout (Side B): NPO SR 83509B

...Taylor’s closest adjutant saxophonist Jimmy Lyon’s would also duck in & out with sax screel & hysteria. These Olympic stints of decadent comminute went way beyond the threshold, agreeable limitation or somatic restriction that pretty much everybody else was on, with an unapologetic & frankly extremist activity/ideology of severe surplus pandemonium & improvident forceful action whilst exercising immense technical credibility. Many a marvel of withering extravagance was being exercised by other legends during this great era, but this lot did it, to my knowledge, longer & harder without intermission including mostly for each individual musician (consecutive group participation), never slacking & all exploding into one sustained shock-wave of terrific turbulence. these recordings though, do offer the secondary function of a more Avant-Garde slower & emotionally alternate medium occasionally with vocal extracts from Taylor. They are stunning diverse & intricate but also often bizarre. This is another phenomenon of Cecil Taylor & much of his music, lyrics & imagery. It’s dark, I would say at times even quite minatory. Much of the furore from the depths of Free Jazz’s sonic battle field encompassed anger, madness & intensity are as a commodity, but Taylor as with Sunny Murray often depicts & conjures stuff that I would not feel at error calling nasty, dark, or threatening in a direct & mostly unequivocal manner...

...Yes, for me, tones of hazard, tragedy & outright tenebrous madness etc are very apparent (hell, it could be just my misinterpretation, but I feel these elements skulk within his work amongst other sentiments & energies of a far more positive distinction). This is another specialist feature of Taylor & contributes even more to his significant idiosyncrasy. Anyway, as for this mind-blowingly marvellous 3LP set released by Shandar, there is another foreign element/irregularity that kicked shit completely into hyper-space. On these recordings they threw fucking Sam Rivers into the mix! Can you imagine? As if things were not preposterous enough, the absolute madman Rivers was air-dropped into the vortex with his tenor & soprano cannons. The results are just ridiculous & why these recordings are amongst the most precious & heavily rotated in my stash. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, no further foray frenzy was created with Rivers after this tour. Thank the goddess that someone was recording & captured this brain scattering murrain so expertly & issued it in this cult vinyl trilogy...

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