Urbie Green - Green Power (1971)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 34:17 | Size: 208.39 MB | FLAC
Side 1
1. Spirit In The Dark 3:32
2. A Time For Love 2:45
3. Green Power 5:03
4. Easy Come, Easy Go 2:44
5. Comin' Home Baby 3:11

Side 2
1. Secret Love 3:04
2. This Is All I Ask 2:57
3. Sidewinder 3:40
4. Isn't It Odd 2:40
5. Lumps 3:01

Urbie Green - Trombone/Leader
Dick Hyman, Don Heitler - Electric Piano/Organ
Vinnie Bell - Guitar
Jule Ruggiero, Jay Leonhart, Russell George - Fender Bass
Grady Tate - Drums
Marion Milam - Trumpet
George Opalisky - Soprano Sax
Tony Mottola, Howie Collins - Guitar
The superb Urb on reverb," it says on the back. The concept for this Project 3 Total Sound Stereo album from 1971 is to have master trombonist Urbie Green use some effects on his trombone. The effects are tape reverb (on "Spirit in the Dark") and the "King-Vox Ampliphonic Unit" on "Green Power," "Comin' Home Baby," and "Sidewinder." The Ampliphonic Unit "electronically duplicates each of his notes one octave lower," so the three tracks it's used on have an extra fat trombone sound. "Green Power," Green's sole original composition on the album, is also the funkiest, with tasty breakbeat drumming by... well, the drummer isn't credited, but it's probably Grady Tate, who is the only drummer credited on any of the tracks.

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