Stark Reality - 1969 (2003)

Genre: Funk / Soul / Psychedelic | Total Time: 55:23 | Size: 126.59 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Pretty Music (7:02)
02. Nani (4:36)
03. Roller Coaster Ride (7:58)
04. Too Much Tenderness (3:32)
05. Red Yellow Moonbeams (9:07)
06. Sunday's Song (10:02)
Bonus Tracks:
07 - 09. Acting, Thinking, Feeling (8:33)
10. Say Brother (4:28)
Label - Stones Throw Records

Carl Atkins - Saxophone, Flute
John Abercrombie – Guitar
Monty Stark - Vibraphone, Lead Vocals
Phil Morrison - Electric Bass, Voice
Vinnie Johnson - Drums, Voice
When Stones Throw Records released "NOW" by the Stark Reality in 2003, they put out two fairly different versions in the United States and Europe.
The States got a single disc, 12-track album consisting of eight songs from "The Stark Reality Discover Hoagy Carmichael's Music Shop" and four bonus tracks: Roller Coaster Ride, Too Much Tenderness, Sunday's Song and Say Brother. Stones Throw then made a separate release in the US, a six track EP called "1969." This release had several songs already included on American version of NOW (Roller Coaster Ride, Too Much Tenderness and Sunday's Song) as well as Pretty Music, Nani, and Red Yellow Moonbeams.
Europe's release of NOW was quite different: it was a two disc set, with disc one including only songs from the "Hoagy Carmichael" album. Disc Two was labeled "1969," and included all previously listed songs, as well as a never-before-released live performance, "Acting, Thinking, Feeling."
Long story short, that's what this compilation is. Why Stones Throw made this convoluted decision of multiple releases is anyone's guess.

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