Franco Paletta & The Stingers - Can't Kick Love (2013)

Genre: Blues | Total Time: 37:49 | Size: 87.19 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. I Cant Stand It (3:49)
02. Love Me One More Time (4:10)
03. Cant Kick Love (3:37)
04. Pretty Senorita (4:31)
05. Southbound (4:11)
06. Messin Around (5:00)
07. Crazy bout You Baby (4:28)
08. My Babys Leavin (4:18)
09. Baby Wont Let Me Ride (3:45)
Label - Franco Paletta & The Stingers
Franco Paletta and the Stingers will remind die-hard fans that the blues has different flavors. While one artist plays Piedmont-style and another Delta-style, the Stingers particular flavors are Swing and Chicago-style blues in their hot debut release, "Cant Kick Love." As a sorbet is delightfully cool on the palate, "Cant Kick Love" will refresh listeners with its suaveness, originality, and commitment to catchy songs! Each selection has been written by Paletta and arranged by the band-a welcome change from nothing but covers. Accompanying Francos vocals and harp are bassist Timmer Blakely, electric and acoustic guitarist David Ward, and drummer Jon Beyer. Together with keyboard guests Steve Kerin and John Soller, they make a formidable "swarm."
The Stingers have their home base "hive" in Portland, Oregon, "buzzing" around to local venues and even planning future trips to Washington. In 2007, lead singer Paletta won the "Journey to Memphis" competition and had the honor of representing the Cascade Blues Association at the International Blues Challenge.
Overall, "Cant Kick Love" simply kicks! According to the bands website, they are as yet unsigned with a record company. Thats a shame, because Franco Paletta and his Stingers definitely deserve to be.

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