Eric Bell Band - A Blues Night In Dublin (2002)

Genre: Blues Rock | Total Time: 51:55 | Size: 117.64 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Stumble
02. Pretty Woman
03. Things We Used To Do
04. Baby Please Don't Go
05. Walk On Water
06. Standing On Water
07. You Were The One
08. Shake Your Money Maker
09. Too Tired
10. Further On Up The Road
One of the reasons why guitarist Eric Bell bailed out of Thin Lizzy after the group's third album was the other musicians' lack of interest for the blues. Twenty-five years later, in the second half of the '90s, Bell had finally found a group tailored to his needs. This trio comes back to the original idea of Thin Lizzy as a Cream-derivative power trio, with the exception that Bell sticks mostly to road-tested standards. This concert was recorded in Dublin (the guitarist is Irish) in June 1998, two years after the album Live Tonite...Plus! The set list has not changed much -- the first four songs are presented in the exact same sequence. People who already own the previous record will find this one repetitive, but track list aside, this is a strong performance, spirited and heartfelt. Bassist Tony Williams and drummer Andy Golden form a tight rhythm section, perfect for the blues-rock inhabiting Bell's voice. Three recent originals (from the trio's then-recent studio album) are sandwiched between a clever selection of standards, including "The Stumble," "Things We Used to Do," and Albert Ayler's "Too Tired." Bell plays a nasty guitar, just a bit raspier than what is usually heard in the field, which gives him an edge to compensate for his average vocals. Highlights include "Shake Your Money-Maker" (in Paul Butterfield's adaptation), "Baby, Please Don't Go," and Bell's own "You Were the One." A couple of feedbacks and odd endings remind us of the live factor, giving the CD an authentic charm. Well done.

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