Antonio Koudele - A La Manera Cubana (2012)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 49:46 | Size: 113.26 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. A La Manera Cubana
2. Amor
3. La Habana Vieja
4. Tu Y Yo
5. Vaya A Donde Vaya
6. Te Agradezco
7. Amor O Juego
8. La Primavera
9. No Me Dejes Esperar
10. Amantes
11. Yo VolverÉ

With original compositions and arrangements by Antonio Koudele, "A La Manera Cubana" is a stylistically confident journey through Cuban adaptations of the "Musica Bailable" of the Caribbean, Latin America, New York and Miami. A new cultural idiom breaks free from political regementation: Contrary to the brassy timbre of trombones and trumpets of the Puerto Rican salsa, the Cuban Sons Montuno ("A la Manera Cubana", "La Primavera") is played classically on the three double stringed tres guitar and complemented by the softer woodwinds of flute and saxophone. Exhilarating, even gratifying is the album's Chachacha ("La Habana Vieja")! The wonderful, precise accents of the classic syncopation of the 2/4-beat recall the famed "Oye como va" by Santana. Under the rythmic guidance of claves, timbales, congas and maracas, the contra bass and piano feel wonderfully free, a lively expression of an irrepressible music, an irrepressible joy of life! Salsa! Azugar!Azugar!

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