The Progressive Records All Star - Tenor Sax and Trombone Spectaculars (1977)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:13:24 | Size: 165.81 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. The Ballad Medley 1: I Can't Get Started / Time After Time / Seems Like Old Times / It's the Talk of the Town / There Will Never Be Another You / How Deep Is the Ocean / My Old Flame (20:33)
02. Gus' Flower (16:45)
03. The Ballad Medley 2: A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing / You Don't Know What Love Is / Imagination / That's All / Solitude / I Surrender Dear / Lover Man (19:12)
04. Gus' Slide (16:53)

Personnel (track 1,2)
Scott Hamilton, Peter Loeb, Flip Philips, Frank Sokolov, Ray Turner, Bennie Wallace - tenor sax
Ronnie Bedford - drums
Howie Collins - guitar
George Mraz - bass
Derek Smith - piano

Recorded at the Downtown Sound Studio in New York, NY April 18, 1977.

Personnel (track 3,4)
Art Baron, Sam Burtis, Gerry Chamberline, Jimmy Knepper, Rod Levitt, Sonny Russo - trombones
Ronnie Bedford - drums
Roland Hanna - piano
Earl May - bass
Bucky Pizzarelli - guitar

Recorded at the Downtown Sound Studio in Ney York, NY April 22, 1977.

The David Leonhardt Jazz Group - Jazz For Kids (2002)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 49:51 | Size: 112.48 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Are You Sleeping?
02. When You Wish Upon A Star
03. This Old Man
04. Never Never Land
05. Flintstones
06. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
07. Route 66
08. Someday My Prince Will Come
09. Hip Kids Blues
10. I'm An Old Cow Hand
11. My Favorite Things
12. Blues Shuffle
13. If You're Happy And You Know It

David Leonhardt - piano
Nacy Reed - vocals
Larry McKenna - Saxophone
Tony Marino - bass
Taro Okamoto - drums.

Skip Wilkins - Skip Wilkins Quintet Vol.2 (2006)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:12:02 | Size: 163.81 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. For Ten Percent
2. Used to Be
3. Agitated
4. Need Some Ice
5. Quiet, Please!
6. Not Perfect
7. Betrayal
8. Fortuitous Fifteen
9. Hold Me

Label:Dreambox Media
"Quintet Volume II contains nine original tunes by the leader, some terrific, all interesting. What’s more, this is definitely a group effort...these fellows have played together for awhile, and its straight-ahead, cohesive sound shows it....The style is solid straight-ahead, many numbers on the contemplative side. ...Most tracks are seven to ten minutes long. Democratically, each musician gets equal solo time, ample opportunity to stretch out. The highly-rated Rissmiller particularly shines throughout, knitting the group together, embellishing each tune with his tasty touches on drums. Some stand outs--'Used to Me' features Kozik’s relaxed guitar and Marino’s soft bass. On 'Not Perfect,' Wilkins' jaunty piano introduces the tune, and Kendall’s soft sax effectively builds to a strong climax, blending with piano and guitar for a delicate, pensive finish. Wilkins shows Bill Evans’ influence, stretching out for his strongest improvising in 'Fortuitous Fifteen,' a guitar-piano collaboration. 'Hold Me,' Wilkins' remembrance of 9/11, starts starkly, making way for Kendall’s haunting sax solo. The piano provides a moving coda, concluding a very fine album."~ JazzReview.com

"Pianist Skip Wilkins continues his easy-to-take ways on this follow-up to last year's Volume I. Wilkins...doesn't wax professorial on this set of nine originals. The session sounds like West Coast cool but with updated, East Coast suavity. The quintet...regularly creates a likable languor. The tunes evolve - the fast-moving 'Needs Some Ice' hits a soulful interlude courtesy of (Tom Kozic's) guitar, while 'Quiet, Please,' written for a local politician whom Wilkins found irritating, comes off as chamomile mellow. Neat trick... 'Fortuitous Fifteen' is more angular and boppish yet still melodic, while 'Hold Me' is all liquid ballad."~ Philadelphia Inquirer

"Pianist Skip Wilkins gathers some musically sympathetic colleagues in Easton, Pennsylvania, for the second part of a marathon session. Wilkins' pieces are well thought out, with plenty of musical mile-markers in the solo sections to tie in with the various head structures...the musical quality is always there. The CD begins with a Silver-Blakey influenced mid-tempo quasi-shuffle, 'For Ten Percent,' a tune with some definite soul. Paul Kendall’s straight-ahead tenor solo reminds a little of Frank Foster or Benny Golson in its overall approach. Guitarist Tom Kozic comes through with a burnished tone like Burrell and he is no slouch. The rhythm section cooks along, drummer Rissmiller sounds tasty. Skip takes a solo next in an impeccable way according to the style at hand. An engaging tune. A pretty ballad in three follows, called 'Used to Be.' Wilkins takes a solo which gives you his lyrical-melodic sincerity and Kendall’s tenor sounds a bit like Shorter in a wistful mood. He builds the solo as the rhythm section takes on a kind of 1965 Miles feel... A Shorter ESP period-like 'Betrayal' follows, with a rather nice wispy tenor motif and piano response. Then follows an almost polite post-Evans 'Hold Me' with quiet chords on piano with quiet guitar commentary. The tenor does a Shorteresque cantabile and it’s all quite sensitive......well-wrought, quite pleasant...the song craft is in abundant evidence... the rhythm section strongly anchors the date and it’s all solid..."

Sam (The Man) Taylor - Ketteiban! Sam Taylor Kayo Blues Best (2009)

Genre: Jazz / Instrumental | Total Time: 54:03 | Size: 122.61 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Tokyo Blues
2. Yanagase Blues
3. Shinjuku Blues
4. Hakodate Blues
5. Anata No Blues
6. Ginza Blues
7. Sakariba Blues
8. Shianbashi Blues
9. Sanya Blues
10. Onna No Blues
11. Wakare No Blues
12. Yogiri No Blues
13. Natsukashi No Blues
14. Aka To Kuro No Blues
15. Shouwa Blues
16. Koukotsu No Blues
17. Hatoba Onna No Blues
18. Nakanoshima Blues
19. Saikai Blues
20. Minatomachi Blues
Label - Pony Canyon Inc. (Japan)

Sam Taylor & His Orchestra

Ray Bryant And His Combo - Dancing The Big Twist (1960)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 37:02 | Size: 83.90 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Twist City
02. Just A Little Bit Of Twist
03. Big Susie
04. Twist On
05. Twistin' On A Cat's Paw
06. Mo-Lasses
07. Fast Twist
08. Do That Twist

Personnel track 1-6 & 8:
Ray Bryant - piano
Jimmy Rowser - bass
Mickey Roker, - drums
Joe Newman, Pat Jenkins - trumpet
Buddy Tate - tenor sax
Matthew Gee - trombone

Personnel track 7:
Ben Richardson - baritone sax
Bill Lee - bass
Gus Johnson - drums
Harry Edison - trumpet

Oscar Peterson - Plays The Jimmy McHugh Songbook (1959)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:15:04 | Size: 169.84 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. You're a Sweetheart
02. Lost in a Fog
03. I Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me
04. On the Sunny Side of the Street
05. Diga Diga Doo
06. I Feel a Song Comin' On
07. I'm in the Mood for Love
08. When My Sugar Walks Down the Street
09. Don't Blame Me
10. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
11. Can't Get Out of This Mood
12. I Couldn't Sleep a Wink Last Night
13. I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Bonus Track)
14. Lovely to Look At (Bonus Track)
15. When My Sugar Walks Down the Street (Bonus Track)
16. I Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me (Bonus Track)
17. On the Sunny Side of the Street (Bonus Track)
18. Don't Blame Me (Bonus Track)
19. I'm in the Mood for Love (Bonus Track)
20. I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Bonus Track)
21. I Couldn't Sleep a Wink Last Night (Bonus Track)
22. Diga Diga Doo (Bonus Track)
23. You're a Sweetheart (Bonus Track)

Personnel :
Oscar Peterson, piano
Ray Brown, bass
Ed Thigpen, drums

Chicago, July 21 & August 1, 1959

bonus tracks : 
Oscar Peterson, piano
Ray Brown, bass
Barney Kessel, guitar

New York, May 21, 1953; Oscar Peterson (also voc on track 13) - Los Angeles, December 7, 1953 - or Herb Ellis (g), Los Angeles, November 16, 1954.
The complete original 1959 Oscar Peterson album ‘Plays the Jimmy McHugh Songbook’ (originally on Verve), is released here for the first time ever on CD. It features Oscar Peterson’s classic trio with Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen.
As bonus tracks, this extended edition adds various Jimmy McHugh compositions recorded during 1953/54, including the complete 3 EP volumes ‘Oscar Peterson Plays Jimmy McHugh’ (originally on Clef). Featured are Peterson’s trios with Brown and Barney Kessel or Herb Ellis on guitar.

Orchestra Nazionale Della Luna - Orchestra Nazionale Della Luna (2016)

Genre: Jazz-Rock / Fusion | Total Time: 58:55 | Size: 137.93 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Itamerengue. 1:27
2. Karibou. 6:07
3. The Truth. 6:21
4. Luna 17 B. 8:51
5. Anastasia Anastaa Sian. 6:06
6. First Visions. 8:27
7. Nostalgie d'un Absolu. 5:32
8. Begemot. 10:30
9. Ankkuri. 5:34

Manuel Hermia - saxophones, flute & bansouri
Kari Ikonen - piano & moog
Sebastien Boisseau - double bass
Teun Verbruggen - drums

Mosaic - Subterranea (2016)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 50:07 | Size: 105.32 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. White Horses 08:26
2. Kairo Konko 12:17
3. Interlude I 04:28
4. Subterranea 08:48
5. Interlude II 03:13
6. Cryptogram 08:48
7. Reprise 04:08

Ralph Wyld - vibraphone
James Copus - trumpet, flugelhorn
Sam Rapley - clarinet, bass clarinet
Cecilia Bignall - cello
Misha Mullov-Abbado - double bass
Scott Chapman - drums, percussion

Mingus Big Band - Live In Time (1996)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 2:23:54 | Size: 334.25 MB | MP3 320 kbps
Disc One
1. Number 29 8:31
2. Diane/Alice's Wonderland 10:34
3. Boogie Stop Shuffle 13:24
4. Sue's Changes 11:22
5. This Subdues My Passion 3:34
6. Children's Hour Of Dream 10:00
7. Baby Take A Chance With Me 4:03
8. So Long Eric 9:22

Disc Two
1. Moanin' Mambo 11:23
2. Chair In The Sky 9:04
3. E's Flat, Ah's Flat Too 10:14
4. The Shoes Of The Fisherman's Wife Are Some Jive-Ass Slippers 16:52
5. Us Is Two 8:09
6. The Man Who Never Sleeps/East Coasting 7:39
7. Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting 9:06

Alto Saxophone – Gary Bartz
Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute – Steve Slagle
Baritone Saxophone – Gary Smulyan, Ronnie Cuber
Bass – Andy McKee
Drums – Adam Cruz, Tommy Campbell
Piano – John Hicks, Kenny Drew Jr.
Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet – Mark Shim
Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone – Seamus Blake
Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute – John Stubblefield
Trombone – Britt Woodman, Conrad Herwig, David Taylor, Frank Lacy, Robin Eubanks
Trumpet – Alex Sipiagin, Earl Gardner, Philip Harper, Randy Brecker, Ryan Kisor
Having exhausted most of the late bassist's best-known songs, the Mingus Big Band emphasizes obscurities (such as "Sue's Changes," "Children's Hour of Dream" and "Chair in the Sky"), along with later-period work, on their third release, Live in Time, a double CD. The orchestra really digs into the complex material, and they perform Mingus' almost impossible-to-play originals with joy, swing and constant excitement. Among the many all-stars on this fascinating and highly enjoyable set (all of whom are featured) are trumpeters Randy Brecker, Philip Harper and Ryan Kisor, trombonists Frank Lacy, Robin Eubanks and Britt Woodman, altoists Gary Bartz and Steve Slagle, Seamus Blake, Mark Shim and John Stubblefield on tenors, Ronnie Cuber or Gary Smulyan on baritone and Kenny Drew Jr. or John Hicks on piano. The gloriously overcrowded ensembles, the explosive solos and the spirit of Mingus are three of the many reasons to acquire this memorable effort.

Ketil Bjornstad - Selena (1977)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 45:59 | Size: 104.55 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Gaia
02. Mannen Som Solgte Ballonger
03. Gjesten
04. Selena
05. Kjære Deg
06. Tider Skal Komme
07. Hun Spurte Ham Hvorfor Han Var Som Han Var
08. Nedenom Og Hjem
09. Naboer
10. Vi Flykter I Natt

Piano, Electric Piano, Synthesizer [Minimoog], Strings [Stringensemble] – Ketil Bjørnstad
Bass – Bjorn Alterhaug
Drums, Percussion – Pal Thowsen
Electric Guitar – Pete Knutsen
Soprano Saxophone – Knut Riisnæs
Composed By – Ketil Bjørnstad

Recorded at Rosenborg Studios, Oslo, May 1977.

Joris Teepe & Don Braden Quintet - Pay As You Earn (1994)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:05:36 | Size: 150.09 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Pay as You Earn (Teepe) - 5:34
02. Nardis (Davis) - 7:13
03. Homeland (Teepe-Braden) - 5:33
04. The Left Side (Teepe) - 7:41
05. Windswept (Braden) - 5:54
06. Monk Points (Braden) - 7:05
07. Strollin' (Silver) - 7:26
08. Tune for Slide (Teepe) - 8:05
09. Jorisation (Teepe) - 5:11
10. Yesterdays (Kern) - 6:00
Joris Teepe - acoustic bass
Don Braden - tenor saxophone
Tom Harrell - trumpet
Cyrus Chestnut - piano
Carl Allen - drums

Recorded at East Side Sound Studios, New York on September 9, 1993.
The collaborative effort between Dutch bassist Jorris Teepe and American tenor saxophonist Don Braden is a potent one. Joining them is the outstanding trumpeter Tom Harrell, as well as the always dependable pianist Cyrus Chestnut and drummer Carl Allen. The loping treatment of "Nardis" opens with Teepe's intriguing solo and surprisingly omits both piano and trumpet. Horace Silver's "Strollin'" features the rich interplay of Braden and Harrell, while the choppy post-bop approach to "Yesterdays" is very refreshing. Braden and Teepe also contributed a number of enjoyable originals to the date. Worth checking out.

Joel Evans & Friends - Love Songs (2016)

Genre:  Jazz / Jazz Vocals | Total Time: 1:22:15 | Size: 189.87 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. The Whole Ball O’ Wax (Feat. Patrick Tuzzolino)
02. Make The Night Last (Feat. Tami Damiano)
03. Life Goes By (Feat. Dante Marchi)
04. What Are We Doing In Love (Feat. Patrick Tuzzolino)
05. As Much As I Love You (Feat. Mark Arthur Miller)
06. You Said Yes! (Feat. Mark Winkler)
07. I’m Not Gonna Lie (Feat. Tami Damiano)
08. Sweet Mem’ries Linger On (Feat. John Proulx)
09. Until It Happens To You (Feat. Tony Galla)
10. Isn’t Christmastime A Wonderful Thing (Feat. Tony Galla)
11. The Whole Ball O’ Wax (Instrumental)
12. Make The Night Last (Instrumental)
13. Life Goes By (Instrumental)
14. What Are We Doing In Love (Instrumental)
15. As Much As I Love You (Instrumental)
16. You Said Yes! (Instrumental)
17. I’m Not Gonna Lie (Instrumental)
18. Sweet Mem’ries Linger On (Instrumental)
19. Until It Happens To You (Instrumental)

Jessica Williams - The Gift (2006)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 55:59 | Size: 125.94 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. When Your Lover has Gone (Swan)
2. Paul's Pal (Sonny Rollins)
3. Don't Take your Love from Me (Nemo)
4. Dear Gaylord (Jessica Williams)
5. Garlands for Red (Jessica Williams)
6. I'll be Seeing You (Bowman)
7. Newk's Fluke (Jessica Williams)
8. Empathy (Jessica Williams)
9. All Blues (Miles Davis)

Jessica Williams and shis trio< solo; all previously unreleased material.

Hendrik Meurkens - Harmonicus Rex (2016)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 58:06 | Size: 132.02 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Mundell's Mood
2. Slidin'
3. In Your Own Sweet Way
4. Aftenoon
5. Skj
6. Falling In Love With Love
7. A Summer In San Francisco
8. Up Jumped Spring
9. Mean Dog Blues
10. Darn That Dream
11. What's New

Hendrik Meurkens: harmonica; Dado Moroni; piano; Marco Panascia: bass; Jimmy Cobb: drums; Joe Magnarelli: trumpet, flugelhorn; Anders Bostrom: alto flute.

While the swing side of harmonica master Hendrik Meurkens' personality has basically been dormant for the past fifteen years, it hasn't disappeared. After highlighting his Brazilian jazz bona fides on record after record, Meurkens now returns to straight-ahead jazz on this instantly pleasing date. Harmonicus Rex, despite it's humorously monstrous title, isn't a roaring beast. There are no high speed scenarios to speak of and no bash-and-crash displays to witness. This record's strength is in its ability to get the point across without all of that needless showboating. It's essentially a model for how feel and taste can trump tempo and dynamic excess in terms of establishing a swinging environment. And with a cast that includes drumming legend Jimmy Cobb and under-the-radar heavies like pianist Dado Moroni and bassist Marco Panascia, it's easy to see why this album projects that train of thought.

In observing Meurkens here, it becomes increasingly clear that he's a master conversationalist with some incredible ears and reflexes. That's something that's often overlooked in discussions of his work, but it's central to the success of his art. Whether trading solos with trumpeter Joe Magnarelli on "Mundell's Mood," responding to Moroni with brief and subtle gestures during "In Your Own Sweet Way," blending and balancing his sound against that of Anders Bostrom's alto flute, or playing off of the rhythm section when in the spotlight, Meurkens' foremost concern is how he relates to the other musicians and the music at hand. Meurkens clearly relies on a recipe that calls for stirring all of the essential elements of a straightforward date together and cooking everything on low to medium settings. It's a formula for success. By exploring the mellow environs of ballads like "Afternoon" and "Darn That Dream," inviting a little heat and embracing the swing uplift on "SKJ" and "Up Jumped Spring," finding the sweet spots between those locales, and even taking a quick dip into bossa territory on "A Summer In San Francisco," Meurkens manages to create a complete picture that offers rich viewpoints to admire from wherever you happen to be standing.

Hank Mobley - Hank Mobley Quintet (1957)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 57:19 | Size: 132.66 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1.Funk In Deep Freeze (6:46)
2.Wham And They're Off (7:39)
3.Fin De L'Affaire (6:36)
4.Startin' From Scratch (6:38)
5.Stella-Wise (7:14)
6.Base On Balls (7:28)
7.Funk In Deep Freeze (alt.take) (6:55)
8.Wham And They're Off (alt.take) (7:37)

Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ., March 8, 1957

Hank Mobley - tenor sax
Art Farmer - trumpet
Horace Silver - piano
Doug Watkins - bass
Art Blakey - drums

Hampton Hawes - Recorded Live At The Great American Music Hall (1975)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 43:25 | Size: 108.39 MB | MP3 320 kbps
Side One
1. Fly Me To The Moon 7:24
2. Sunny 14:09

Side Two
The Status Of Maceo (Suite For Solo Piano)
1. First Movement 5:56
2. Second Movement 4:24
3. Third Movement 10:32

Recorded at the "Great American Music Hall", San Francisco, CA, June 10, 1975.

Hampton Hawes (piano); Mario Suraci (bass, electric bass)
This album, one of pianist Hampton Hawes's last recordings, is a surprise success. First Hawes, in duets with bassist Mario Suraci, really digs into two rather unpromising pop tunes ("Fly Me to the Moon" and "Sunny") in extended versions ("Sunny" is given over 14 minutes) and brings out surprising beauty in those overdone songs. For the second side of this LP, Hawes performs his own suite for solo piano, an impressive three-movement work that he titled "The Status of Maceo" that has enough variety in its 20-plus minutes to keep one's interest throughout.

George Cables Trio - Dark Side, Light Side (1997)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:05:12 | Size: 151.50 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Dolphin Dance(9:39)
2. Dark Side, Light Side(9:15)
3. Ruby, My Dear(7:37)
4. Alone Together(7:24)
5. In a Sentimental Mood(10:26)
6. One Finger Snap(5:12)
7. Sweet Rita Suite, Pt. 1(7:10)
8. Ah, George, We Hardly Knew Ya(8:30)


Personnel: George Cables (piano); Jay Anderson (bass); Billy Hart (drums).
George Cables focuses primarily on works by other jazz pianists on this trio date with bassist Jay Anderson and drummer Billy Hart. Thoughtful treatments of Thelonious Monk's "Ruby, My Dear" and Duke Ellington's "In a Sentimental Mood" contrast with the elaborate workouts of two Herbie Hancock tunes, the easygoing "Dolphin Dance" and the rapid-fire "One Finger Snap." The sole standard is a brisk rendition of "Alone Together." Don Pullen's quirky "Ah George, We Hardly Knew You" adds an exotic air. Cables' two originals especially stand out. "Dark Side, Light Side" is an intricate post-bop vehicle with an infectious tension-and-release highlighted by Cables' breezy improvising in a swinging setting, while "Sweet Rita Suite" is actually a Spanish-flavored waltz in disguise. This is another fine recording from George Cables' productive association with Steeplechase.

Frank Houston - First Hand (2016)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 55:33 | Size: 126.17 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Square One
02. Intoxicating Beauty (feat. Joe Gransden)
03. Salpicadura (Splash) [feat. Good Times Brass Band)
04. Life Happens (feat. Phil Davis & Terreon Gully)
05. A Mother’s Heart
06. Lawd Ha’ Mercy
07. Christopher’s Time (feat. Kenny Banks Jr. & Melvin Jones)
08. Chasing the Horizon
09. Eatin’ Good (feat. Russell Gunn)

Fabrizio Bosso - Sol: Latin Mood (2008)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:14:06 | Size: 162.32 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1.Ochenta (4:44)
2.Quizas, Quizas, Quizas (4:02)
3.Mamihlapinatapai (5:19)
4.El Cacerolazo (2:01)
5.Volver (5:33)
6.Matiaz (3:30)
7.Pescao Blanco (3:22)
8.Wide Green Eyes (5:47)
9.Sol (4:17)
10.Zoogami (4:44)
11.Perdonare (3:44)
12.The Shadow Of Your Smile (6:31)
13.African Friends (5:35)
14.Penny (7:03)
15.Blues (4:20)
16.Caminando (3:18)

Label: Blue Note

Fabrizio Bosso - trumpet & flugelhorn
Javier Girotto - baritone & soprano sax
Natalio Mangalavite - piano & keyboards
Luca Bulgarelli, Marco Siniscalco - bass
Bruno Marcozzi - percussion
Lorenzo Tucci - drums
Natalio Mangalavite - vocal
Raul Midon - vocal

Fabrizio Bosso - Four Friends In Bari (2012)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 55:00 | Size: 120.68 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1.King Dorian (5:07)
2.Wide Green Eyes (5:57)
3.Bernie's Tune (3:18)
4.E La Chiamano Estate (4:26)
5.But Not For Me (4:27)
6.Swing (2:44)
7.Nostalgia Di Cuba (3:54)
8.Just Friends (7:17)
9.The Nearness Of You (5:57)
10.Mack The Knife (7:32)
11.But Not For Me (Alt. Take) (4:05)

Mediterranio Studio, Bari, Italy 2012

Fabrizio Bosso - trumpet
Guido Di Leone - electric & classic guitar
Giuseppe Bassi - double bass
Mimmo Campanale - drums


Fabrizio Bosso - Fast Flight (1999)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:07:14 | Size: 145.30 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1.Fast Flight (2:57)
2.Women's Glance (7:33)
3.My Life Express (5:36)
4.Gibraltar (5:42)
5.Actor & Actress (8:51)
6.Minor Mood (5:25)
7.Too Young To Go Steady (4:33)
8.Brother's Song (7:56)
9.In Walked Bud (8:09)
10.Family Blues (6:46)
11.Fast Flight (Take 2) (3:46)

Sorriso Studio, Bari, Italy 1999

Fabrizio Bosso - trumpet & flugelhorn
Rosario Giuliani - alto & soprano sax
Salvatore Bonafede - piano
Giuseppe Bassi - bass
Marcello Di Leonardo - drums

Earth, Wind & Fire - Head To The Sky (1973)

Genre: Jazz / Funk / Soul | Total Time: 36:53 | Size: 80.72 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Evil (5:00)
02. Keep Your Head To The Sky (5:11)
03. Build Your Nest (3:18)
04. The World's A Masquerade (4:48)
05. Clover (4:41)
06. Zanzibar (13:38)

Arranged By – Earth, Wind & Fire
Clarinet, Piano, Organ – Larry Dunn
Drums, Percussion – Ralph Johnson
Guitar, Percussion – Johnny Graham
Guitar, Sitar, Percussion – Al McKay
Saxophone [Soprano], Flute – Andrew Woolfolks
Vocals – Jessica Cleaves
Vocals, Bass, Percussion – Verdine White
Vocals, Congas, Percussion – Phillip Bailey
Vocals, Drums, Kalimba – Maurice White

Earth, Wind & Fire - Earth, Wind & Fire (1970)

Genre: Funk / Soul | Total Time: 30:01 | Size: 68.89 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Help Somebody (4:02)
2. Moment Of Truth (3:07)
3. Love Is Life (5:12)
4. Fan The Fire (5:16)
5. C'Mon Children (3:21)
6. This World Today (3:40)
7. Bad Tune (5:22)

Maurice White - Drums
Verdine White - Bass Guitar
Don Whitehead - Keyboards
Wade Flemons - Vocals
Sherry Scott - Vocals
Michael Beal - Guitar
Chet Washington - tenor sax
Alex Thomas - trombon
Yackov Ben Israel - percussion


Duke Ellington - Black Beauty (2005)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 2:35:50 | Size: 359.21 MB | MP3 320 kbps
CD 1
01. Choo Choo (3:17)
02. Everything Is Hosty Totsy Now (2:56)
03. The Creeper (2:52)
04. Black And Tan Fantasy (3:21)
05. Creole Love Call (3:13)
06. Jubilee Stomp (2:38)
07. East St. Louis Toodle-Oo (2:57)
08. Black Beauty (3:03)
09. The Mooche (3:14)
10. Hot And Bothered (3:18)
11. Doin' The Voom Voom (3:13)
12. A Nite At The Cotton Club (1:43)
13. Misty Mornin' (1:28)
14. Goin' To Town (1:31)
15. Freeze And Melt (1:28)
16. Double Check Stomp (2:58)
17. Ring Dem Bells (2:58)
18. Mood Indigo (2:55)
19. Rockin' In Rhythm (3:16)
20. Echoes Of The Jungle (3:30)
21. It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing (3:12)
22. Lots O' Fingers (2:51)
23. Lightnin' (3:11)
24. Bundle Of Blues (3:14)
25. Stompy Jones (3:05)
26. Saddest Tale (3:20)
27. Echoes Of Harlem (3:01)

CD 2
01. In A Jam (3:00)
02. Diminuendo And Crescendo In Blue (5:56)
03. Prelude To A Kiss (3:03)
04. Battle Of Swing (2:58)
05. Grievin' (2:51)
06. Sophisticated Lady (3:41)
07. Ko-Ko (2:42)
08. Cotton Tail (3:13)
09. Dusk (3:22)
10. Harlem Airshaft (2:57)
11. In A Mellotone (3:20)
12. Warm Valley (3:17)
13. Pinther Panther Patter (3:02)
14. Take The ''A'' Train (2:56)
15. Solitude (3:32)
16. Perdido (3:11)
17. Johnny Come Lately (2:42)
18. Things Ain't What They Used To Be (3:20)
19. Frankie And Johnny (2:41)
20. Dancers In Love (2:23)
21. Blue Skies (Trumpet No End) (2:34)
22. Stop, Look And Listen (3:23)
23. Smada (2:49)
24. Happy Go Lucky Local (5:33)
Label - Le Chant Du Monde (Italy)

Doug Webb - Swing Shift (2012)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 54:43 | Size: 120.72 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Soul Eyes 7:28
2. Patagonia Suite 22:23
3. Simone 7:34
4. Where Or When 6:35
5. Rizone 2:41
6. Apodemia 8:03
Label - Posi-Tone Records

Doug Webb – saxophones
Larry Goldings (1), Joe Bagg (4,6) Mahesh Balasooriya (2,3) - piano
Stanley Clarke – bass
Gerry Gibbs – drums

Webb is a smart, effusive and resourceful soloist who finds his own ways of dealing with the melodies and changes of familiar tunes, like "Soul Eyes," "Simone" and "Where Or When." His improvisations exhibit the gritty, uninhibited feel of a jazzman playing for the sake of the music alone, with no other agenda in mind. Webb juggles a variety of phrases of varying lengths, makes brief, interesting digressions, takes into account whatever Clarke and Gibbs throw at him, and never ties things together too neatly. The mastery that comes with ardently playing the horn for decades and taking the standard repertoire seriously runs through these tracks and results in music that is deep, challenging and emotionally satisfying.
As Webb and his bandmates throw their whole selves into every note, playing like there's no tomorrow and caring not one whit about the consequences, you might almost hear an audience's applause and shouts of delight. Swing Shift is a terrific record.

Doug Snyder & Bob Thompson - Daily Dance (1973)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 41:38 | Size: 95.42 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Daily Dance
2. Living With The Crocodiles
3. Time Overlaps Itself
4. Soul And Universe
5. Hit And Run
6. Truth Is A Pathless Land
7. Teenage Emergency

Personnel: Doug Snyder - electric guitar; Bob Thompson - drums and percussion

Label:New Frontiers
This is the 25th year anniversary reissue of a noteworthy historical and musical document. Daily Dance was recorded in rural Fayette County, Ohio in 1972, yet its clangorous drones sound as if they could have been recorded yesterday (or, perhaps, a few hours ago). Daily Dance was originally released as an LP in 1973 on the New Frontiers label...and has been out of print for about fifteen years. Five years later Doug (largely on the strength of this recording) would become a “key” member of recondite NYC noise-improv ensemble Sick Dick and the Volkswagens, along with Donald Miller (Borbetomagus and Lhasa Cement Plant), Mark Abbott (see John Zorn's School) and Brian Doherty (Borbeto and Lhasa).

After Sick Dick’s demise (1983), Doug returned to Ohio. To this day, Snyder and Thompson perform and record together on a regular basis. All in all, here is a disc that looks back toward The Velvet Underground, the Stooges and Elvin Jones, as it looks forward to Ascension, Keiji Haino and William Hooker (and any number of other free-noising, free-rocking manifestations)……and it was recorded over 25 years ago!

Donald Byrd - Byrd In Hand (1959)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 40:10 | Size: 92.64 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Witchcraft 8:29
2. Here Am I 8:25
3. Devil Whip 4:42
4. Bronze Dance 6:42
5. Clarion Calls 5:41
6. The Injuns 6:13

Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 1959

Donald Byrd - trumpet
Charlie Rouse - tenor sax
Pepper Adams - baritone sax
Walter Davis, Jr. - piano
Sam Jones - bass
Art Taylor - drums

Dick Wetmore - Dick Wetmore (1953)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 33:24 | Size: 76.71 MB | MP3 320 kbps
Side 1
1. Rondette
2. Sad Walk
3. Re-Search
4. Piece Caprice

Side 2
1. Just Duo
2. Pomp
3. Brash
4. Shiftful

Recorded in New York, September or October 1953.

Arranged By, Composed By – Bob Zieff
Bass – Bill Nordstrom
Drums – Jimmy Zitano
Piano – Ray Santisi
Violin – Dick Wetmore
Dick Wetmore (January 13, 1927 – January 4, 2007) was an American jazz and bebop violinist. He played several musical instruments including the cornet, trumpet and string bass. Wetmore worked primarily as a sideman, but also led his own jazz ensembles.

Dave Stryker Quartet - Strike Up The Band (2008)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:07:55 | Size: 155.81 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Strike Up The Band
2. The Message
3. Airegin
4. I Love You
5. What Is This?
6. Peace Song
7. Blues Strut
8. Saints And Sinners

Personnel: Dave Stryker: guitar; Andy McKee: bass; Xavier Davis: piano; Billy Hart: drums.

Dave Stryker is a strong guitarist with an excellent back-catalog of credits to his name. While Strike Up The Band doesn't show off his full capabilities in their best light, it makes for a listenable jaunt, and a clear reminder that musicians on Stryker's level can seek out more demanding material. The album has a definite polish: Nils Winther's production is of a very high quality, and each of the four musicians plays with a distinctive and clear sound, too. So at root, the disappointment of the album is in its material. There are no bad songs here, to be sure; but neither are there any challenges, for the listener or for the musicians. Half the tracks are constructed over the same essential textures and tempos. Although the title track is indeed different from Gershwin's original envisioning, it burns with a high energy (thanks largely to a percussive rising line on the bass) that never resolves into anything. As a result, it's hard to tell what the effect of the arrangement is supposed to be: it feels tense and a little empty at once. Pianist Xavier Davis has a conventional style, but he relies principally on the adapted language of minor pentatonic harmony first popularized by McCoy Tyner. It's a great, full sound, but when used equally on "Airegin," "Strike Up The Band" and "Saints and Sinners," it loses some of its poignancy. There are definitely highpoints, though. "What Is This?" makes for a quirky play on "What Is This Thing Called Love?" And "I Love You," after an urbane bass riff under the intro and melody, features an intelligent guitar solo, though not Stryker's most dynamic. Still, Stryker and his band mates are capable of more than they attempt with this outing.

Dave Holland, Chris Potter, Lionel Loueke, Eric Harland - Aziza (2016)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:07:23 | Size: 151.60 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Aziza Dance
02. Summer 15
03. Walkin' the Walk
04. Aquila
05. Blue Sufi
06. Finding the Light
07. Friends
08. Sleepless Night

Dave Holland (Bass); Chris Potter (Saxophone); Lionel Loueke (Guitar); Eric Harland (Drums).

Brian Tarquin - Mohonk Jazz Sessions (2016)

Genre: Jazz / Contemporary Jazz | Total Time: 41:52 | Size: 96.59 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Birdbrain (feat. Hal Lindes)
02. Frolic Room
03. Zoot Suit (feat. Chuck Loeb)
04. On the Brick
05. Chrome Dome (feat. Denny Jiosa)
06. Drugstore Cowboy
07. Hipster (feat. Denny Jiosa)
08. Nowheresville
09. The Big Sleep (feat. Hal Lindes)
10. The Dutchess
11. Boogie Man

Brian Simpson - Persuasion (2016)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 43:00 | Size: 98.80 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Persuasion (feat. Boney James)
02. Wonderland
03. One and Only
04. Lost In Love (feat. Peter White)
05. Need You Now
06. Supernatural
07. Take It Up
08. Starbound
09. Surreal Theme
10. Always Here for You

Bobby Timmons - Little Barefoot Soul (1964)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 32:03 | Size: 66.72 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01.A Little Barefoot Soul (5:06)
02.Walkin'-Wadin'-Sittin'-Riddin' (7:55)
03.Little One (3:55)
04.Cut Me Loose Charlie (4:49)
05.Ain't Thinkin' 'Bout It (8:53)
06.Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen (2:28)

Van Gelder Studio,Englewood Cliffs,NJ.
June 18, 1964. Label: Prestige 41889

Bobby Timmons - piano
Sam Jones - bass
Ray Lucas - drums

Blood, Sweat & Tears - Child Is Father To The Man (1968)

Genre: Jazz-Rock | Total Time: 1:03:48 | Size: 147.34 MB | MP3 320 kbps
02.I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
03.Morning Glory
04.My Days Are Numbered
05.Without Her
06.Just One Smile
07.I Can't Quit Her
08.Meagan's Gypsy Eyes
09.Somethin' Goin' On
10.House in the Country
11.Modern Adventures of Plato
12.So Much Love / Underture
13.Refugee From Yuhupitz (Instrumental)(bonus)
14.I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know(bonus)
15.The Modern Adventures of Plato, Diogenes And Freud(bonus)
Child Is Father to the Man is keyboard player/singer/arranger Al Kooper's finest work, an album on which he moves the folk-blues-rock amalgamation of the Blues Project into even wider pastures, taking in classical and jazz elements (including strings and horns), all without losing the pop essence that makes the hybrid work. This is one of the great albums of the eclectic post-Sgt. Pepper era of the late '60s, a time when you could borrow styles from Greenwich Village contemporary folk to San Francisco acid rock and mix them into what seemed to have the potential to become a new American musical form. It's Kooper's bluesy songs, such as "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know" and "I Can't Quit Her," and his singing that are the primary focus, but the album is an aural delight; listen to the way the bass guitar interacts with the horns on "My Days Are Numbered" or the charming arrangement and Steve Katz's vocal on Tim Buckley's "Morning Glory." Then Kooper sings Harry Nilsson's "Without Her" over a delicate, jazzy backing with flügelhorn/alto saxophone interplay by Randy Brecker and Fred Lipsius. This is the sound of a group of virtuosos enjoying itself in the newly open possibilities of pop music. Maybe it couldn't have lasted; anyway, it didn't.

Anahid Ajemian Violin
Randy Brecker Flugelhorn, Trumpet
Harold Coletta Viola
Bobby Colomby Drums, Drums (Snare), Percussion, Tambourine, Vocals
Jim Fielder Bass, Fretless Bass, Guitar (Bass)
Paul Gershman Violin
Al Gorgoni Arranger, Guitar, Organ, Vocals
Manny Green Violin
Dick Halligan Trombone
Julie Held Violin
Steve Katz Composer, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Lute, Vocals
Harry Katzman Violin
Al Kooper Composer, Keyboards, Ondioline, Organ, Piano, Vocals
Leo Kruczek Violin
Fred Lipsius Arranger, Piano, Sax (Alto), Saxophone
Harry Lookofsky Violin
Charles McCracken Cello
Gene Orloff Violin
Alan Schulman Arranger, Cello
John Simon Arranger, Conductor, Cowbell, Mixing, Organ, Piano, Producer
The Manny Vardi Strings Viola
Jerry Weiss Flugelhorn, Trumpet, Vocals

Blood, Sweat & Tears - Blood, Sweat & Tears (1968)

Genre: Jazz-Rock | Total Time: 45:49 | Size: 133.24 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Variations On A Theme By Erik Satie (2:30)
(1st and 2nd Movements, Adapted from “Trois Gymnopedies")
2. Smiling Phases (5:10)
3. Sometimes In Winter (3:08)
4. More and More (3:04)
5. And When I Die (4:05)
6. God Bless The Child (5:56)
7. Spinning Wheel (4:07)
8. You’’ve Made Me So Very Happy (4:19)
9. Blues-Part II (11:45)
10. Variations On A Theme By Erik Satie (1:37)
(1st Movement, Adapted from “Trois Gymnopedies")
The difference between Blood, Sweat & Tears and the group's preceding long-player, Child Is Father to the Man, is the difference between a monumental seller and a record that was "merely" a huge critical success. Arguably, the Blood, Sweat & Tears that made this self-titled second album -- consisting of five of the eight original members and four newcomers, including singer David Clayton-Thomas -- was really a different group from the one that made Child Is Father to the Man, which was done largely under the direction of singer/songwriter/keyboard player/arranger Al Kooper. They had certain similarities to the original: the musical mixture of classical, jazz, and rock elements was still apparent, and the interplay between the horns and the keyboards was still occurring, even if those instruments were being played by different people. Kooper was even still present as an arranger on two tracks, notably the initial hit "You've Made Me So Very Happy." But the second BS&T, under the aegis of producer James William Guercio, was a less adventurous unit, and, as fronted by Clayton-Thomas, a far more commercial one. Not only did the album contain three songs that neared the top of the charts as singles -- "Happy," "Spinning Wheel," and "And When I Die" -- but the whole album, including an arrangement of "God Bless the Child" and the radical rewrite of Traffic's "Smiling Phases," was wonderfully accessible. It was a repertoire to build a career on, and Blood, Sweat & Tears did exactly that, although they never came close to equaling this album.
David Clayton-Thomas - Vocals
Bobby Colomby - Percussion, Drums, Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Jim Fielder - Bass
D. Halligan - Arranger
Dick Halligan - Organ, Flute, Piano, Trombone, Arranger, Vocals, Choir, Chorus, Soloist
Jerry Hyman - Trombone, Recorder, Soloist
Steve Katz - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals, Soloist
Fred Lipsius - Piano, Arranger, Saxophone, Sax (Alto), Soloist
Alan Rubin - Trumpet
Lew Soloff - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Soloist
Chuck Winfield - Trumpet, Flugelhorn

ARQ - A Magic Life (2016)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 50:25 | Size: 115.23 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. A Magic Life
02. Musicophilia
03. The Trunk Call
04. Mayday
05. New Day
06. Swanage Bay
07. The Ok Chorale
08. Friday’s Child

Angela Winbush - Angela Winbush (1994)

Genre: Funk, Soul / R&B | Total Time: 1:02:38 | Size: 148.10 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Treat U Right
02. Inner City Blues
03. Keep Turnin' Me On
04. Too Good To Let You Go
05. Baby Hold On
06. You're My Everything
07. Dream Lover
08. Hot Summer Love
09. Sensitive Heart
10. I'm The Kind Of Woman
11. Inner City Blues (Radio edit)
Label – Elektra

Angela Winbush - Vocals, Piano, Clavinet
George Duke - Flute, Piano
Gerald Albright - Alto Saxophone
Ernie Isley - Guitar, Sitar
Roman Johnson - Synthesizers
Nathan East - Bass
Chuckii Booker - Bass, Drums
Sekou Bunch - Bass, Drums
Herman Matthews: Drums, Percussion
On this release she seems a bit unsure of herself: the single "Treat U Rite" was written and produced by Chuckii Booker, and she resorts to a Marvin Gaye cover ("Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)") in two hip hop- flavored versions. As usual, there's one duet with Ronald Isley, "Baby Hold On." The tone is a bit muted; her sensual ballads are as good as ever ("Hot Summer Love") but there's not much of the slamming soul/funk ("Dream Lover" is the closest thing, and it's still pretty slow). Since there's no must-have single, this is really of interest only to her fans. The top studio musicians include East, Gerald Albright and George Duke.

Albatrosh - Yonkers (2011)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 44:53 | Size: 101.97 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1 Albony & Ivory 5:02
2 Fifths 3:21
3 Major Little 6:28
4 Coral Fox 7:06
5 Linedance 5:04
6 Central Park 5:36
7 Pickup Truck 6:30
8 Pannebrask 5:46

Piano, Mixed By – Eyolf Dale
Producer – Albatrosh
Recorded By – Ryan Streber
Saxophone, Mixed By – André Roligheten
Sleeve – Kim Hiorthøy
Written-By – Roligheten* (tracks: 2 to 5, 8), Dale* (tracks: 1, 4 to 8)

Recorded in April 2011.
Mixed in Oslo, August 2011.
Mastered in September 2011.

Label:Rune Grammofon ‎– RCD 2117

Alan Broadbent - Live at Giannelli Square Volume 1 (2010)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:05:40 | Size: 148.21 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Lullaby of the Leaves (7:45)
02. I'll Be All Right (7:44)
03. My Foolish Heart (8:33)
04. Alone Together (8:26)
05. Now and Then (9:09)
06. You and You Alone (7:28)
07. Ghost of A Chance (8:15)
08. Solar (8:09)

Alan Broadbent: piano
Putter Smith: bass
Kendall Kay: drums


Will Paynter & The Hardbop Collective - Wise Guy (2016)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 42:17 | Size: 96.06 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Low Talker
02. Second Bit
03. La Cosa Nostra
04. Heist
05. Sonny Blues
06. Noir
07. Jimmy Peaches
08. Wise Guy

The Al Capone Memorial Jazz Band (Alias: The Don Gibson Gang) (1973)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 45:02 | Size: 101.84 MB | MP3 320 kbps
Side 1
1. 1919 Rag
2. Aunt Hagar's Blues
3. Royal Garden Blues
4. Summertime (Waltz)
5. Yama Yama Man

Side 2
1. When My Dreamboat Comes Home
2. Alcoholic Blues
3. Who's Afraid Of Elliot Ness?
4. Chimes Blues
5. My Honey's Lovin' Arms

William Trottier,tpt or Ned Lyke,tpt
Bill Hanck Or Jim Beebe,tbn
John Harker,clt
John Toper,tnr
Don Gibson,pno
Ken Salvo or Charles Marshall,bjo
Dick Carlucci,bs or tba
Wayne Jones,drs
Mike Schwimmer,wasboards & voc.


Sonny Rollins - Our Man In Jazz (1962)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 49:10 | Size: 115.47 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Oleo (25:27)
02. Dearly Beloved (8:21)
03. Doxy (15:23)
Labels - RCA/BMG/Classic Compact Discs

Sonny Rollins – tenor saxophone
Don Cherry - cornet
Bob Cranshaw - bass
Billy Higgins - drums
Our Man in Jazz is an album by jazz saxophonist Sonny Rollins, recorded for the RCA Victor label, featuring July 1962 performances by Rollins with Don Cherry, Bob Cranshaw, and Billy Higgins. These performances have been described as contrasting from Rollins' previous style by moving to "very long free-form fancies, swaggering and impetuous".
From the liner notes: "Classic Compact Discs, a subsidiary of Classic Records, was created with one specific goal - to increase the availability of the highest quality recordings to the audiophile community. Following the same path carved our by Classic Records with LPs, Classic Compact Discs offers a wide variety of the world's greatest music on Compact Disc.
The extraordinary 'Classic' level of care is exercised in every step of the process. We start wit our proven approach of using the most experienced mastering source tapes. These transfers use a 20 bit 'High Definition' analog to digital converter. The most advanced digital 'reclocking' is used to insure the absolute lowest level of 'jitter' possible. We employ a minimum number of stages, and as little processing as possible."

Skip Wilkins - Skip Wilkins Quintet Vol.1 (2006)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:09:50 | Size: 159.24 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. It Was Bound to Happen
2. Stephanie's Song
3. No Parking
4. Would Aldous Huxleys
5. The Hand-off
6. Unforgotten
7. One Last Look
8. Longing
9. Take the Fourth

Personnel: Skip Wilkins: piano; Paul Kendall: tenor saxophone; Tom Kozic: guitars; Tony Marino: bass; Gary Rissmiller: drums.

Label:Dreambox Media
Pianist/composer/bandleader Skip Wilkins is a talented musician working out of Eastern Pennsylvania, where he teaches at the Williams Center of the Arts in Easton in addition to making gigs in Philadelphia, the Poconos and New York City. He's recorded several albums with flutist Jill Allen and has compiled, over the years, an impressive catalog of original compositions, now available on Quintet, Vol. 1, soon to be followed by a companion volume. Culled from three separate concerts given at his college, this recording documents the interworkings of a cohesive band playing over well-conceived material. Consisting of Wilkins, tenorist Paul Kendall, guitarist Tom Kozic, bassist Tony Marino and drummer Gary Rissmiller, the quintet makes music marked by an informality and intimacy gained only through close association and mutual respect. Wilkins has penned some very fine tunes here, including "It Was Bound to Happen (a two-beat funker with an expansive and lyrical phrase structure), "Stephanie's Song (a beautiful ballad in 3/4), and "Unforgotten (a pensive, exploratory ballad).

There are some brisk up-tempo numbers, too Wilson likes to call them "rumbles over which the group members acquit themselves to forceful effect, as on "No Parking, when Kozic's guitar comes crashing out of the starting gate, only to catch a mellow stride at the solo's mid-stretch. The band (with a pinch-hitter on bass) gave New Yorkers a chance to sample its wares at a mid-December mid-afternoon concert at BigAppleJazz/EZ's Woodshed, a newish Harlem one-stop bop-shop created and curated by Gordon Polatnick. The camaraderie and compatibility suggested by the recording was immediately apparent on the bandstand. Wilkins and friends treated listeners to selections from the recording, as well as some from the yet-to-be-released Vol. II, setting these compositional gems in an aesthetically apposite musical jewel box.

Rathaus Ramblers - Old Time Swing Music (2016)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 57:10 | Size: 131.60 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Sweet Sue
02. I’m Crazy About My Baby
03. Tiger Rag
04. Avalon
05. Stardust
06. Diga Diga Doo
07. Dinah
08. Dream Man
09. Shine on Harvest Moon
10. China Boy
11. My Blue Heaven
12. Rosetta
13. Abercrombie
14. See You in My Dreams

Nathan Eklund Group - The View from Afar (2006)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 58:26 | Size: 132.92 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. I Know 7:35
2. Think Positive 9:40
3. Listening 3:41
4. Funhouse Mirrors 9:14
5. See: Miner 7:30
6. Please Hold Onto A Handrail 6:53
7. Maybe Tomorrow 11:16
8. The View From Afar 2:51
Label - Jazz Excursion Records

Nathan Eklund - trumpet, flugelhorn
Craig Yaremko - saxophones
Joe Elefante - piano
Brain Killeen - bass
Josh Dion - drums

Michael Brecker - Michael Brecker (1987)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 54:26 | Size: 119.82 MB | MP3 320 kbps

1 - Sea Glass 5:51
2 - Syzygy 9:45
3 - Choices 8:07
4 - Nothing Personal 5:31
5 - The Cost Of Living 7:49
6 - Original Rays 9:06
7 - My One And Only Love 8:17

Michael Brecker: tenor sax
Kenny Kirkland: keyboards
Pat Metheny: guitar
Charlie Haden: bass
Jack DeJohnette: drums
Bobby Kilgore: programming

Michael Brecker - Michael Brecker (1987) 

Lowell Hopper - Playing It Cool (2016)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 46:36 | Size: 106.73 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. On the Run
02. Playing It Cool
03. Festival
04. Rain Dance
05. Why Not Now
06. Inside Out
07. Message of Love
08. New Canvas
09. Night Will Fall
10. In Your Eyes
11. While You're Here with Me

Lew Soloff - Yesterdays (1986)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 51:27 | Size: 116.17 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Yesterdays (Kern-Harbach) - 9:51
02. Barbara (Silver) - 8:58
03. Beautiful Mimi (Soloff) - 3:40
04. All Blues (Davis) - 9:05
05. Thaddeus (Soloff) - 6:32
06. Little Laura (Soloff) - 6:02
07. Antigua (Prince) - 7:19

Lew Soloff - trumpet
Mike Stern - guitar
Charnett Moffett - bass
Elvin Jones - drums

Clinton Studio, New York 1986

Kenny Burrell - Live At Downtown Room (1976 & 2006)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 54:26 | Size: 120.34 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1.Isabella (8:35)
2.Will You Still Be Mine (8:33)
3.A Child Is Born (8:57)
4.Common Ground (8:18)
5.God Bless The Child (7:06)
6.Do What You Gotta Do (8:35)
7.Single Petal Of A Rose (Solo) (4:28)

# 1-6: Live At The Downtown Room, Buffalo 1976
# 7: Recorded In Los Angeles, December 2006

Kenny Burrell - guitar
Richard Wyands - piano (1-6)
Lisle Atkinson - bass (1-6)
Lennie McBrowne - drums (1-6)

Junior Mance - Milestones (1997)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:10:54 | Size: 162.26 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1.Work Song (10:35)
2.Milestones (8:14)
3.Good Bait (8:43)
4.Body And Soul (12:42)
5.Lester Leaps In (9:37)
6.Love For Sale (9:58)
7.Walkin' (9:47)

Live At Toronto's Montreal Bistro 1997

Junior Mance - piano
Don Thompson - bass
Archie Alleyne - drums