Ximo Tebar - Live in NYC July (2006)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 56:08 | Size: 937.58 MB | MPEG-4
Ximo Tebar with Arturo O'farrill Band, Featuring: Tom Harrell, Dave Samuels, Dafnis Prieto, Willie Williams, Pablo Calogero, Gregory Ryan - Dizzy's Jazz Club - New York City - July 2006 / More Info: www.ximotebar.com
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Willie Mitchell - Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On (1967)

Genre: Funk / Soul / R&B | Total Time: 27:23 | Size: 62.30 MB | MP3 320 kbps
Side A
A1. Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On
A2. Soul Finger
A3. Cleo's Mood
A4. Slippin' & Sliddin'
A5. Soul Serenade
A6. Willie's Mood
Side B
B1. Sunny
B2. Pearl Time
B3. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
B4. Respect
B5. Have You Ever Had The Blues
B6. Toddlin'
Label – Hi Records
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The Ivo Perelman Trio - Seeds, Vision And Counterpoint (1998)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 53:35 | Size: 122.03 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Zero Expectancy
2. Seeds, Vision And Counterpoint
3. Cantilena

Ivo Perelman - tenor saxophone
Jay Rosen - drums
Dominic Duval - bass, prepared bass, live electronics

Recorded At – Rockin' Reel Studios.
Label: Leo Records – CD LR 252.
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Sylvia Bennett - It's All About Love (2016)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 39:39 | Size: 93.06 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. It's All About Love
2. Another Love Song
3. Letting Our Feelings Go
4. Somewhere In The Moonlight
5. Don't Need Another Lover
6. Por Ti
7. You Were My Best Friend
8. I Still Love You
9. New Love
10. One Love
11. Pour Toi

Sylvia Bennett’s first all original, contemporary jazz album, It's All About Love, is finally available. Featuring the Grammy–nominated singer in an entirely new sonic atmosphere, one that plays on her sensual side and taps into her 24/7, deeply held belief that love is the answer as well as the question. The project has produced two hits before its release date and the 3rd single, the title track, “It’s All About Love,” is no doubt going to be another runaway radio smash as well with its smooth, ethereal groove featuring the high studio standards of producer/songwriter Hal S. Batt (Shakira, Julio Iglesias) and the gorgeous layering of voice with a sweet, seductive musical ambiance.

The Miami song machine is in her creative prime and is redefining the business of music, with no intentions of stopping anytime soon! Sylvia Bennett, is an international recording artist and songwriter who has performed at Presidential Inaugurations and opened for such renowned artists as Bob Hope, Phyllis Diller, Jackie Mason, Dizzy Gillespie, Barry Gibb and David Brenner. Discovered by the legendary Lionel Hampton, she has since captivated audiences and critics alike with her sultry and honeyed toned voice. She’s the inimitable, unforgettable Sylvia Bennett.
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Susan Weinert Band - The Bottom Line (1996)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 59:16 | Size: 134.07 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Hombre
2. Triple X
3. Tribute To Fitzcarraldo
4. Don't Smile Too Soon
5. Masters Of The Midiverse
6. That's For You
7. Kluski Theory
8. Dakota Kid
9. Nothing
10. Trabucco
11. Vinnie
Personnel: Drums – Hardy Fischötter; Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass – Martin Weinert; Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer – Susan Weinert; Piano, Keyboards – Rachel Z
This time out, Susan Weinert has mellowed some since her fiery Crunch Time 1994 release. The excellent guitar playing is still everywhere but things are toned down a few notches leaning more towards straight up jazz with less crunchy-edged fusion. Weinert's acoustic guitar and Martin Weinert's acoustic bass works well in the melding of electric and non-electric moods. Even keyswoman extraordinaire, Rachel Z, chimes in with ivory clean runs and flourishes to augment Weinert's electric guitars and guitar-synth. That jazz standards feel comes through here and there but this release retains Weinert's strong signature sound, slightly overdriven, and sustained warmly. Again that Scott Henderson aura is predominantly present but a certain Frank Gambale lilt and warmth of presence and tone is recurrent. Rachel Z comes and goes in keyboard washes and embellishings, interwoven wonderfully in Susan Weinert's delightful compositions. Hardy Fischötter plays the drums with perfection and evident purpose.

On "Masters of the Midiverse" we are treated to a delicious Holdsworthian guitar-synth intro that melts into an oh-so-Metheny moment complete with brushes on drums and Rachel Z tinkling away in her butterfly kisses way. Very, very nice.This release is an 11 song delight, track to track, with surprise after surprise of mellow wonder. The final cut, "Vinnie" again treads Holdsworthian waters in the composition's stylings early on but is also seems a subtle tribute to Vinnie Coliauta?, sounding at times like a cut from his recent solo release. Rachel Z gets to stretch a great deal here! For those of you out there looking for great jazz guitar and splendid keys but want less screaming amps yet able to groove too The Bottom Line is just right for you. Recommended!
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Raymond Scott Conducts - The Rock 'N Roll Symphony (1958)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 37:51 | Size: 91.64 MB | MP3 320 kbps
Side 1
1. How High The Moon
2. Summertime
3. Orchids In The Moonlight
4. Amor
5. What Is This Thing Called Love
6. Deep Purple

Side 2
1. Star Dust
2. True Love
3. All The Things You Are
4. La Cumparsita
5. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
6. What Is Your Heart (Song Of The Moulin Rouge)

Arranged By, Conductor – Raymond Scott
Drums – Terry Snyder
Guitar – Barry Galbraith
Piano – Bob Kitsis
Tenor Saxophone – Sam "The Man" Taylor
Even among his supporters, The Rock 'n Roll Symphony is the most controversial album of Raymond Scott's career. Made in 1958 in the earliest days of Everest Records, where Scott was working A&R, it is the one commercial recording he made that reflects his day job as music director of the popular Your Hit Parade television shows. Your Hit Parade was sort of the 1950s equivalent to American Idol, except that the performers were not in competition and appeared from week to week; it started on radio in 1936 and gave rise to the first pop charts ever kept. At the end of the 1956-1957 television season, ABC fired the entire cast of the show, including Scott, owing to its inability to keep pace with the incursion of rock & roll music; indeed, watching crooner Snooky Lanson sing songs like "Rip It Up" must have seemed a little ridiculous. Although Scott's own stated purpose in making The Rock 'n Roll Symphony was of creating "rock 'n roll for the entire family, mood music that will span generations," one can argue that he wanted to demonstrate to ABC that it could be done by adapting hits in a rock-styled treatment for conventional orchestra and performers. The Rock 'n Roll Symphony was Scott's most successful LP and was reissued twice during his lifetime under different titles, including the rather unfortunate choice of Warm Rain.
The result is neither rock & roll nor symphony. It is rather plain, though elegant, mood music professionally scored, with a rhythm section consisting of piano, electric bass, and drums and the distinctive sound of saxophonist Sam "The Man" Taylor -- a real plus to some expert listeners, though it might not make a difference to others. Occasionally the strings are a little overbearing, and that has led to its low standing among some of Scott's most dedicated supporters, one of whom commented that he didn't care if it ever appeared on CD. Finally, the Acrobat firm in the U.K. has issued The Rock 'n Roll Symphony on a disc containing both its mono and stereo versions. The Rock 'n Roll Symphony was one of the earliest stereo LPs on the American market, and the stereo version is the one to experience here on tracks 13-24. The master tape of the mono version is in poor condition, being out of phase and containing numerous dropouts; one wonders why it was placed up front on the CD. The enthusiasm of annotator Austin Powell is to be admired, though -- as many writers on Scott before him have done -- he introduces some questionable facts and engages in some measure of hyperbole.
One artist who did benefit from the example of The Rock 'n Roll Symphony was Lawrence Welk -- or rather, his arranger George Cates -- who replaced the piano with a harpsichord and went onto score a number of hits, including Calcutta, directly modeled on Scott's example. A good way to describe the effect of the album is that it is like soundtrack music for a period romantic mystery movie directed by David Lynch, though some might say there is nothing to distinguish it from countless other easy listening albums of its kind, of which The Rock 'n Roll Symphony was likely the first. Anyone looking for the genius found in Scott's Quintette and electronic music will not find it here, and while the CD doesn't sound quite as good as the Everest LP pressing, it is far less expensive than trying to obtain an original. While The Rock 'n Roll Symphony may not represent Raymond Scott at his most creative, its return to the active catalog is certainly welcome. Perhaps next time it will include the far rarer This Time with Strings.
Uncle Dave Lewis, AMG
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Phil Nimmons - Atlantic Suite, Suite P.E.I, Tributes (1973 - 1979)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 2:09:57 | Size: 284.97 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1.Atlantic Suite: Harbours (5:38)
2.Atlantic Suite: Islands (5:09)
3.Atlantic Suite: Tides (8:34)
4.Atlantic Suite: Horizons (12:36)
5.The Dorian Way (6:41)
6.Suite P.E.I. (17:38)
7.St. Pierre Et Miquelon (7:08)
8.Think Nice Thoughts (9:41)
9.Do I Know You (6:25)
10.Birdburger (7:40)
11.Ros (16:33)
12.Bubble Trouble (6:59)
13.Eee-Suave (13:29)
14.Friends Departed (5:44)

Manta Eastern Studios, Toronto, Canada
Label: Sackville Records SK2CD 5003
# 1 - 7 CD1 & 8 - 14 CD2

Phil Nimmons - clarinet & leader
Rob McConnell, Dave McMurdo, John Capton - trombones
Terry Lukiwski, Rick Stepton Jerry Johnson - trombones
Guido Basso, Mike Malone, Bram Smith, Herbie Spanier, Darryl Eaton - trumpets
Keith Jollimore, Moe Koffman Dave Caldwell - alto saxophones
Art Ellefson - tenor saxophone
Gary Morgan - baritone saxophone
Tony Toth - baritone saxophone
Tom Csczesniak - electric piano
Garry Williamson - piano
Bruce Harvey - piano
Ed Bickert - guitar
Andy Krehm - guitar
Don Thompson - bass
Dave Field - bass
Stan Perry - drums
Terry Clarke - drums
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Pat Kelley - Views Of The Future (1987)

Genre: Smooth Jazz | Total Time: 42:36 | Size: 96.71 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. San Marcos pass
02. The right time
03. I dreamed of you
04. Rush hour
05. Is he all there
06. Goin' home
07. Simple things
08. Tell me more

Pat Kelley (Acoustic and Electric Guitar); Neil Stubenhaus (Bass); John Robinson (Drums); Barnaby Finch (Piano); Chris Rhyne (Synthesizers); Brandon Fields (Alto Saxophone); Michael Fisher (Percussion); Judd Miller (EVI); Tim Landers (Bass), Art Rodriguez (Drums); Eric Marienthal (Alto Saxophone); Matt Bissonette (Bass); Gregg Bissonette (Drums); Chris Rhyne (Synthesizers); Neil Stubenhaus (Bass); John Robinson (Drums); Vinnie Coliauta (Drums); Dave Boruff (Alto Saxophone).
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Pat Kelley - Moonlight Dance (1999)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 49:25 | Size: 111.93 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. First Steps
02. Moonlight Dance
03. Sweet Mischief
04. Good News
05. Quiet Time
06. Walk the Walk
07. Portuguese for Travelers
08. Monkey House
09. New Shoes
10. Nice to Be Home
11. Serenisea
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Pat Kelley - I'll Stand Up (1992)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 48:00 | Size: 109.05 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. The River
02. Bokinas
03. I'll Stand Up
04. The Baron
05. Aftertouch
06. Harvest Dance
07. Chester and Bruce
08. Timepiece
09. Twilight Serenade

Andrea Robinson (Vocals, Vocals (Background)); Barnaby Finch (Piano, Keyboards); Bob Moore (Vocals (Background); Bob Wilson (Drums); Brandon Fields (Sax Tenor, Alto); Dave Edelstein (Bass); David Benoit (Piano); Debra Davis (Vocals); Gary Stockdale (Vocals); Gregg Karukas (Organ, Keyboards); Jeff Boydstun (Percussion); Mark Hunter (Bass); Michael Fisher (Percussion); Pat Kelley (Electronic Percussion, Guitar (Electric), Multi Instruments, Synthesizer, Main Performer, Percussion, Guitar (Nylon String), Guitar (Synthesizer); Steve Tavaglione (Sax Alto); Tim Landers (Bass).
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Pat Kelley - High Heels (1989)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 50:18 | Size: 114.95 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Jam box
02. High heels
03. Be here with me tonight
04. Cappuccino chat
05. Midnight cafe
06. Senor si
07. Continuum
08. Peaceful
09. True Spirit
10. The beholder

Pat Kelley (guitar, vocals), Phil Perry (vocals), Gary Herwig, Eric Marienthal (saxophones), Jim Cox, Barnaby Finch (keyboards), Kenny Wild, Neil Stubenhaus, John Pattitucci (bass), Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), Luis Conte, Mike Fisher (percussion).
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Nancy Harms - Dreams In Apartments (2013)

Genre: Vocal Jazz | Total Time: 43:50 | Size: 100.17 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Weight Of The World (3:34)
02. It Could Happen To You (4:19)
03. Mood Indigo (4:46)
04. And It's Beautiful (4:24)
05. Never Let Me Go (4:27)
06. From My First Moment (Gymnopedie For Piano No. 1) (4:07)
07. Out Of Comfort (5:21)
08. Something Real (3:38)
09. Midnight Sun (5:46)
10. While We're Young (3:28)
Label - Gazelle Records

Nancy Harms – vocals
Aaron Parks – piano
Danton Boller - bass
RJ Miller – drums
John Hart – guitar
Wycliffe Gordon - trumpet
The voice of Nancy Harms has the power to light cigarettes and make ‘em smolder all night long. Following on the heels of her inspired performance on Jeremy Siskind’s Finger-Songwriter, one of 2012?s best releases, Harms returns with a quartet date that highlights her casual, seductive delivery. And though a couple album tracks on Dreams In Apartments do allow her vocal cords to raise their heart rate a bit, ultimately, it’s those songs that behave like moonlight that are most likely to draw the ear in and never let it go.
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Miles Davis, Robert Glasper - Everything's Beautiful (2016)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 46:57 | Size: 107.73 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Talking Shit 3:09
2. Ghetto Walkin' 3:43
3. They Can't Hold Me Down (feat. Illa J) 2:14
4. Maiysha (So Long) (feat. Erykah Badu) 7:30
5. Violets (feat. Phonte) 3:24
6. Little Church (Remix) (feat. Hiatus Kaiyote) 6:35
7. Silence Is the Way (feat. Laura Mvula) 5:18
8. Song for Selim (feat. KING) 2:40
9. Milestones (Remix) (feat. Georgia Ann Muldrow) 4:17
10. I'm Leaving You (feat. Ledisi & John Scofield) 3:14
11. Right On Brotha (feat. Stevie Wonder) 5:01
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Lou McGarity Quintet - Music From "Some Like It Hot" (1959)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 30:30 | Size: 176.50 MB | FLAC
Side 1
1. Some Like It Hot 2:55
2. By The Beautiful Sea 2:18
3. Stairway To The Stars 3:26
4. Sweet Sue - Just You 1:45
5. Down Among The Sheltering Palms 3:09
6. I Wanna Be Loved By You 1:55

Side 2
1. La Cumparsita 1:40
2. I'm Thru With Love 3:52
3. Runnin' Wild 2:38
4. Sugar Blues 2:45
5. Sweet Georgia Brown 2:30
6. Some Like It Hot 0:57

Recorded in New York, December 1959

Lou McGarity (tb), Dick Cary (p, tp), George Barnes (g), Jack Lesberg (b), Don Marino (d)
Lou McGarity (July 22, 1917–August 28, 1971) was an American jazz trombonist, violinist and vocalist born in Athens, GA, perhaps most noteworthy for his works with Benny Goodman throughout the 1940s. During this period and throughout his career McGarity also collaborated often with Eddie Condon. In the 1950s McGarity worked with artists such as Neal Hefti, Cootie Williams and Muggsy Spanier. McGarity also was a studio musician for Arthur Godfrey on Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts television show.

Music from Some Like It Hot was recorded in December 1959. Lou McGarity brought his quintet, featuring Dick Cary and George Barnes, to the New York studio to play the music of the "new" Marilyn Monroe film Some Like It Hot. Great music played with ardor and free-swinging glow, as the liner notes read. Great swing music with Lou McGarity on trombone and George Barnes on the electric guitar in tunes like Sweet Georgia Brown.
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Larry Young - In Paris: The ORTF Recordings (2016)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:45:57 | Size: 249.25 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Trane of Thought (Davis) 6:49
02. Talkin' About J.C. (Young) 14:55
03. Mean to Me (Ahlert-Turk) 4:14
04. La Valse Grise (poss. Dieval) 16:12
05. Discotheque (poss. Dieval) 10:44

01. Luny Tune (Young) 4:39
02. Beyond All Limits (Shaw) 7:39
03. Black Nile (Shorter) 14:02
04. Zoltan (Shaw) 20:33
05. Larry's Blues (Young) 6:14
Label - Resonance/INA
Recorded in Paris in 1964-1965

Larry Young - organ, piano
Nathan Davis, Jean-Claude Fohrenbach - tenor saxophone
Woody Shaw, Sonny Grey - trumpet
Jack Dieval - piano
Jacques B. Hess - bass
Billy Brooks, Franco Manzecchi - drums
Jacky Bamboo - percussion
Released here for the first time, 2016's Larry Young in Paris: The ORTF Recordings is something of a lost treasure rediscovered. Recorded while the Newark, New Jersey-born pianist/organist Larry Young was living in France from 1964-1965, these recordings were broadcast once on French public radio and then archived for decades. As a listening experience, The ORTF Recordings are a revelation, showcasing the innovative Young (who died tragically in 1978 at age 38) and his group of equally youthful and talented musicians, including 19-year-old Newark trumpeter Woody Shaw.
Ultimately, The ORTF Recordings offer a revealing snapshot of a new breed of jazz musicians, Young and Shaw, who would return to the states on the heels of their time in Paris and revolutionize the sound of modern jazz.
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Josefin Lindstrand & Norrbotten Big Band - While We Sleep (2016)

Genre: Jazz Vocals | Total Time: 59:20 | Size: 134.25 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Send Out The Singers (4:51)
02. Winter Night Song (4:12)
03. There Will Be Stars (4:50)
04. Jewels (4:17)
05. Broadway (7:06)
06. Oh My Love (5:10)
07. Make My Day Tomorrow (5:43)
08. The Net (5:59)
09. In Spring (6:07)
10. The Mystery (5:53)
11. I Had Too Much To Think 'bout (5:15)
Josefine Lindstrand is a Swedish singer living in Stockholm, Sweden. She received the Jazz in Sweden award for 2009 from the government agency Rikskonserter, and her debut record There Will Be Stars was released soon afterwards. The album received a favourable review in Svenska Dagbladet. In 2012 her second album Clouds was released. Lindenstrand used her middle name Britah for this record, which a reviewer in Dagens Nyheter characterised as pop rather than jazz.

Lindstrand has also performed with artists such as Efterklang, Django Bates, Uri Caine, Petra Marklund, Veronica Maggio, Maia Hirasawa, Laleh, and Jonathan Johansson.
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Jas Miller - Follow The Sun (2016)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 48:52 | Size: 114.36 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Follow The Sun (Feat. Gianni Vancini) (4:44)
02. Isle Of View (Feat. Rocco Venttrella) (3:50)
03. Room To Wriggle (3:49)
04. Steppin (Feat. Rick Parma) (4:01)
05. North Shore (3:58)
06. Jello Coconuts (Feat. Hans Solo Zermuehlen) (4:47)
07. Cheaper Buy The Dz (Feat. Alexx Daye) (4:35)
08. Mm Mm Mm (4:32)
09. Where R U (Feat. Michael Paulo) (3:27)
10. Espresso Yo Selfie (Feat. Elan Trotman) (4:09)
11. Steppin (Single Version) (Feat. Rick Parma) (3:30)
12. Follow The Sun (Single Version) (Feat. Gianni Vancini) (3:30)

After quite a bit of debilitating deliberating, receiving some great cover art from Blue Johnson (Al Jarreau, Seawind), after having done an initial release with my own cover art, and then re-listening to the album & radio editions of all the tracks; I found, In some cases the radio editions of the songs really flowed better. In others, it's the album edition that makes the vibe flow best. In this release are my choices for each.

Stellar performances turnt by Michael Paulo (sax, Where R U), Èlan Trotman (sax, Espresso Yo Selfie), Rocco Ventrella (sax, Isle Of View), Gianni Vancini (sax, Follow The Sun), Hans Zermuehlen (keyboards, drums, Cheaper Buy the Dz), Isha Love (keyboards, Isle of View), Marco Basci (keyboards, Room to Wriggle), Nate Harasim (drums & bass, Isle of View), Derrick Murdock (bass, Follow the Sun), Anthony Crawford (bass, Espresso Yo Selfie), Sergio Bellotti (Yamaha DTX drums, Follow The Sun), David "Fingers" Haynes (drums, Mm Mm Mm), Alexx Daye (vocals, Cheaper Buy the Dz). Jas Miller (guitars, basses, keyboards, horn & string arrangements, percussion, steel drums & add’l programming)
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Jackie Mclean Quartet - Dr. Jackle (1966)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 55:34 | Size: 126.11 MB | MP3 320 kbps
Side 1
1. Dr. Jackle
Written-By – Jackie McLean 12:25
2. Melody For Melonae
Written-By – Jackie McLean 10:52

Side 2
1. Little Melonae
Written-By – Jackie McLean 14:38
2. Closing
Written-By – Jackie McLean 8:20

Recorded "live" at the Left Bank Jazz Society, Baltimore, December 18, 1966.

Alto Saxophone – Jackie McLean
Bass – Scotty Holt
Drums – Billy Higgins
Piano – LaMont Johnson
Jackie McLean was one of the few hard bop stars (John Coltrane was another) who was greatly affected by the avant-garde innovations of the 1960s. His sound did not change but his solos became freer and much more emotional. By the time he played in Baltimore for the 1966 concert released on this CD, he had greatly opened up his style and had reconciled his roots with free jazz. With the strong assistance of pianist Lamont Johnson, bassist Scotty Holt and drummer Billy Higgins, McLean stretches out on five numbers (including a previously unreleased "Jossa Bossa") which clock in between 8 and over 14 1/2 minutes. From the start the music is quite intense and it may take listeners a few moments to get used to the altoist's abrasive and sharp tone. However his creative ideas and constant originality win one over fast and, by the time he finished the set with a blues ("Closing"), the logic of Jackie McLean's improvisations is more apparent. The recording quality is sometimes a little distorted but the power, color and pure courage of the music is memorable.
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Gianluca Petrella - Live at Casa del Jazz (2007)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 59:51 | Size: 136.86 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. The Cosmics (G. Petrella)
2. Invisible (O. Coleman)
3. Slow Bars (G. Petrella)
4. We See ( T. Monk)
5. Flexible (G. Petrella)
6. Saturn (Sun Ra)
7. The Cosmics Versione N.2 (G. Petrella)

Baritone Saxophone – Beppe Scardino
Cello – Francesco Guerri
Directed By, Trombone – Gianluca Petrella
Double Bass – Francesco Ponticelli
Drums – Federico Scettri
Guitar – Gabrio Baldacci
Percussion – Simone Padovani
Piano – Giovanni Guidi
Synth – Alfonso Santimone
Tenor Saxophone – Francesco Bigoni
Trumpet – Mirco Rubegni
Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Paolo Fresu (tracks: 2,5,6,7)

Recorded at Casa del Jazz, Rome, Italy, 2007-04-12.
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Ernest Dawkins - Afro Straight (2012)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:07:14 | Size: 154.21 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Mr. PC (J. Coltrane) (6:47)
2. United (W. Shorter) (7:57)
3. Afro Straight (E. Dawkins) (1:33)
4. Central Park West (J. Coltrane) (7:53)
5. Woody 'n You (D. Gillespie) (4:30)
6. Softly as in a Morning Sunrise (S. Romberg - O. Hammerstein II) (8:13)
7. God Bless the Child (B. Holiday - A. Herzog, Jr.) (4:54)
8. Footprint (W. Shorter) (8:23)
9. Old Man Blues (E. Dawkins) (7:12)
10. Juju (W. Shorter) (9:52)

Corey Wilkes (trumpet)
Ernest Dawkins (alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, percussion)
Ben Paterson (Hammond B3 organ 7)
Willerm Delisfort (piano)
Junius Paul (bass)
Isaiah Spencer (drums)
Greg Carmouche (congas 1, 6)
Ruben Alvarez (congas, bongos, chimes, shaker 3, 4, 8)
Greg Penn (congas 3, 10)

Recorded at Riverside Studio, Chicago, IL, April 2, 3, 2012 and October 28, 29, 2010.

Delmark Records ‎DE 5001
Afro Straight is Saturday music. That day following a work week where you take off your suit and tie or uniform, and put on that favorite sweatshirt and pair of jeans to kick back and relax in the familiar confines of your home. The familiar is your solace, and saxophonist Ernest Dawkins delivering time-honored standards is the equivalent of comfort food for the ears.

Dawkins, a member of Chicago's AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians), is a veteran of both outside and inside music-making. His previous disc with his Chicago Trio, Velvet Songs To Baba Fred Anderson (RogueArt, 2011), was a nod to both the tradition and freedom in jazz and his New Horizons Ensemble and Chicago 12 bands, like his work with percussionist Kahil El'Zabar and The Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, playing music that can soar completely free or remain within an orthodox tradition.

Somewhat like saxophonist John Coltrane's Ballads (Impulse!, 1962), here Dawkins sets out to create a straight-ahead sound. Employing a younger generation of Players—trumpeter Corey Wilkes (Art Ensemble Of Chicago), New Horizons bassist Junius Paul and drummer Isaiah Spencer, plus pianist Willerm Delisfort—the saxophonist covers the music of Coltrane, saxophonist Wayne Shorter and singer Billie Holiday. The record is dedicated to all these artists, a well as saxophonist Von Freeman, whose influence is most felt here.

Dawkins packs the disc with Afro-Latin rhythms and African percussion, employing additional congas. His original, "Afro Straight," is a percussion-only track. But mostly, this is Dawkins reworking the familiar to great effect. "Mr. PC" accelerates from the start, tapping into the heart of bebop, as does Dizzy Gillespie's "Woody 'N You," with Wilkes snapping the rubber band with a quicksilver muted trumpet sound. He also plays mute on Shorter's "Footprints," entangling his horn with Dawkins. The band covers a sentimental "God Bless The Child," with Ben Patterson sitting in on Hammond B3, while Dawkins ignites on "Softly As In A Morning Sunrise," tearing through the changes over its sympathetic percussive backing. He even sings "Old Man Blues" over a walking bass, telling the familiar yarn of unrequited love.

The comfort music of Saturday morning blossoms into the possibilities of a night on the town.
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Debo Band - Ere Gobez (2016)

Genre: Pop / Rock / World | Total Time: 57:33 | Size: 129.61 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Ele
02. Kehulum Abliche
03. Jegoul Naw Betwa
04. Yachat
05. Blue Awaze
06. Goraw
07. Sak
08. Oromo
09. Hiyamikachi Bushi
10. Yalanchi
11. Eyew Demamu

Label: Fpe Records
Though based in Boston, the heart of the Debo Band is in Ethiopia. Formed by saxist/Sudan refugee Danny Mekonnen, the twelve-piece mixes originals (mostly penned by singer Bruck Tesfaye with either trumpeter Danilo Henriquez or violinist Joan Rapino) with tunes from or associated with the home country on Ere Gobez.
Serious jazz chops are brought to bear on funky African grooves, as Tesfaye weaves his trill in and out of the arrangements and smart instrumental choices (the psych guitar on “Yachat,” the accordion throughout) give the music an accessibly oddball flair. In a direct nod to tradition, “Sak” (composed by Orchestra Ethiopia leader Tesfaye Lemma) incorporates the mesenqo (a one-string fiddle) for its undulating melody line.

“Ele,” “Kehulum Abliche” and “Yachat” aim straight for the hips, while the ambitious take on the traditional tune “Oromo” encompasses everything from angular rock to easy listening to rave up dance music. “Yalanchi” rides a rhythm not that far from South American cumbia, while “Blue Awaze” adapts Duke Ellington – who toured Africa when it wasn’t common to do so – to the band’s vision. “Eyew Demanu” reigns in the hipsway for a rhythm closer to out-and-out rock.

The group’s skill at twisting a variety of songs to fit their own approach, and doing it without even a whiff of gimmickry, is impressive. Coupled with its ear for a strong tune, that makes Ere Gobez a danceable delight.
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Dave McMurdo Jazz Orchestra - Fire & Song (1996)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 2:24:37 | Size: 328.75 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1.Fast Eddie (8:25)
2.Impossible (6:40)
3.East Of Spadina (12:57)
4.Small World (6:30)
5.So What's Your Point? (7:06)
6.Come Saturday Morning (5:09)
7.Red Pepper Rose (8:15)
8.Moonwalk (6:17)
9.Fire (12:10)
10.Brighters Days Ahead (9:05)
11.You Go To My Head (3:08)
12.You Stepped Out Of A Dream / Dream Steps (10:07)
13.Blue Monk (15:54)
14.Soul Eyes (3:30)
15.I'm Wishing (5:43)
16.My Old Flame (5:02)
17.Five Or So (11:37)
18.Easy Living (5:43)

Live At The Montreal Bistro, Toronto
March 4 - 9, 1996. Label: Sackville
# 1 - 9 CD 1 & # 10 - 18 CD 2

Dave McMurdo, Terry Promane, Ted Bohn, Rob Somerville, Bob Hamper - trombones
Mike Malone, Chase Sanborn, Kevin Turcotte, Neil Christofferson, Sandy Barter - trumpet
Pat LaBarbera, Alex Dean, Dave Caldwell - tenor, soprano sax, flute, clarinet
Mark Promane, Don englert - alto, soprano sax, flute & clarinet
Perry White - baritone saxophone & bass clarinet, flute
Don Thompson - piano
Reg Schwager - guitar
Paul Novotny - bass
Kevin Dempsey - drums
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Danny D'Imperio - The Outlaw (1996)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:12:14 | Size: 158.32 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1.Sidewinder (6:25)
2.The Outlaw (6:47)
3.Theme For Ernie (7:15)
4.One By One (9:12)
5.Quicksilver (7:48)
6.Repetition (4:16)
7.S.O.S. (6:06)
8.Skylark (4:46)
9.Nica's Tempo (5:26)
10.Like This (5:14)
11.Woody 'N You (8:29)

Red Rock Studio, Saylorsburg 1996
# 3 Recorded In August 22, 1994
Label: Sackville Records 3060

Danny D'Imperio - drums & leader
Greg Gisbert, Andy Gravish, Chris Persad - trumpet & flugelhorn
Ralph Lalama, John Rohde - tenor saxophones
Joe Carello - baritone saxophone
Gary Pribeck - alto saxophone
Hod O'Brien - piano
Dave Shapiro - bass
Steve Brown - conga
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Ximo Tebar, Joey DeFrancesco, Idris Muhammad - The Champs (2004)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 50:49 | Size: 113.86 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Ginger Bread Boy
02. But Not For Me
03. Nica's Dream
04. Donna Lee
05. You Don't Know What Love Is
06. St. Thomas
07. Sugar
08. The Champ

Ximo Tébar (Vocals, guitar); Joey DeFrancesco (Trumpet, Hammond b-3 organ); Idris Muhammad (Drums).
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Ximo Tebar - Embrujado (2003)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 51:21 | Size: 126.35 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Embrujado
02. Brujula
03. Todo se mueve
04. Naima
05. Quinta Managua
06. No Peeking
07. Confia el final
08. Mr. Benson
09. Uiri Ba Bobuba
10. Teen town
11. Tabasco para Hohnny
12. Treinta de Marzo

Ximo Tébar (Guitarra); Michael P. Mossman, David Pastor (Trompetas); Ben Sidran (Guitar Rhodes, Voz); Ester Ándujar, Aranxa Domínguez y Miquel Gil (Voces); Ricardo Belda (Piano); César Gines (Bajo); Esteve Pi, Julián Vaughn (Baterías); Javier Mustieles, Santi Navalón (Keyboards); Wilson "Chembo" Corniel & Pepe Cantó (Percusión); Sergio Marciano (Vocal sampling).
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Ximo Tebar & Fourlights - Eclipse (2006)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 59:34 | Size: 135.75 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Inner Urge
02. Martino
03. Mensaje
04. My Evidence
05. ESP
06. Ralladura
07. Eclipse
08. Pinocchio
09. One Step Ahead
10. Pure de Patata
11. Tricotism

Ximo Tébar (Guitar); Dave Samuels (Vibraphone); Anthony Jackson (Bass guitar); Donald Edwards (Drums).
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VA - It Had to Be You-Southern Soul Gems (2014)

Genre: Funk / Soul / R&B | Total Time: 1:03:05 | Size: 142.82 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Jesse James - I’m Gonna Be Rich And Famous (04:51)
02. Swamp Dogg - Sweetest Thing In California (05:27)
03. Ruth Brown - 1 Want To Sleep With You (04:09)
04. Tommy Hunt - Human (04:29)
05. Willie Clayton - Stay (07:20)
06. Z.Z. Hill - Hold Back (One Man At A Time) (03:09)
07. Doris Duke - By The Time 1 Get To Phoenix (03:59)
08. Irma Thomas - Wish Someone Would Care (07:20)
09. Bette Williams - If You Get Him (He Was Never Mine) (03:45)
10. Freddie North - Yours Love (03:02)
11. Ruby Andrews - Casanova (Your Playing Days Are Over) (02:54)
12. Solomon Burke - More (03:43)
13. Norma Jenkins - Love Jones (06:39)
14. Chyvonne Scott - It Had To Be You (02:18)
Label - Perpetual
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Ted Rosenthal - Threeplay (2001)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 55:23 | Size: 124.49 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1.A Sleeping Bee (8:28)
2.Eye On Monk (4:25)
3.Madeiran Nights (6:39)
4.Let's Cool One (7:29)
5.Forever Young (8:05)
6.New Theme (5:50)
7.Let's Call The Whole Thing Off (5:51)
8.Sisters (5:31)
9.Back Up (3:05)

Northern Track Studio, Wilmington, Vermon 2001

Ted Rosenthal - piano
Dennis Irwin - bass
Matt Wilson - drums
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Ted Rosenthal - The King And I: Songs By Rodgers & Hammerstein (2006)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 51:47 | Size: 119.44 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1.My Lord And Master (6:07)
2.Shell We Dance (6:02)
3.I Have Dreamed (5:12)
4.I Whistle A Happy Tune (6:54)
5.We Kiss In A Shadow (5:51)
6.Getting To Know You (4:33)
7.Something Wonderful (6:27)
8.March Of The Siamese Children (4:52)
9.Hello, Young Lovers (5:09)

At The Studio In New York 2006

Ted Rosenthal - piano
George Mraz - bass
Lewis Nash - drums
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Ted Rosenthal - The 3 B's: Plays The Music Of Bud Powell, Bill Evans & Beethoven (1999)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 58:50 | Size: 132.09 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1.I Loves You Porgy (5:51)
2.Tempus Fugit (3:38)
3.Improvisation On Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata, 2nd Movement (5:30)
4.Turn Out The Stars (5:04)
5.Wail (2:54)
6.I'll Keep Loving You (4:50)
7.Improvisation On Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata, 3rd Movement (5:35)
8.Waltz For Debby (4:13)
9.Celia (4:27)
10.Parisian Thoroughfare (3:58)
11.Improvisation On Beethoven's Sonata Op. 109, 3rd Movement (9:04)
12.Tea For Two (3:46)

At Kessler Media, Katonah, NY.

Ted Rosenthal - piano
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Ted Rosenthal - Calling You (1992)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 43:30 | Size: 99.53 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1.Calling You (5:10)
2.Sea Song (7:31)
3.Groove Control (5:49)
4.Para Los Papines (7:26)
5.La Soiree Dans Grenade (6:34)
6.Bijou (5:42)
7.Model A (5:26)

Van Gelder Studio,NJ.
Label: CTI - 1009 -2

Ted Rosenthal - piano
Donald Harrison - alto, tenor, soprano sax & vocal (1)
Lew Soloff - trumpet & flugelhorn
Jim Pugh - euphonium, trombone
Bobby Hutcherson - vibraphone
Ken Bichel - synthesizer
Kevin Eubanks - electric & acoustic guitar
John Patitucci - electric bass
Francisco Centeno - electric bass
Eddie Gomez - acoustic bass
Dave Weckl - drums
Bashiri Johnson - perc.
Frank Kopitchinski - perc.
Calling You album for sale by Ted Rosenthal was released Apr 28, 2006 on the MSI Music Distribution label. This is an unusual set by pianist Ted Rosenthal. Calling You songs Most of the music is relatively straightahead with worthy solos from vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson, Donald Harrison on soprano and tenor, and guitarist Kevin Eubanks. Calling You album for sale But the opening title cut is a poppish vocal by Harrison that has little to do with what follows and some of the songs utilize funky rhythms, extra percussion and a couple of brass players. Calling You CD music Rosenthal's playing throughout is consistent and even with the extra production values this set is worth picking up by hard bop collectors. Calling You buy CD music
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Sidsel Storm - Closer (2016)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 46:00 | Size: 105.53 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Walking Blindly (4:38)
2. April In Paris (5:26)
3. Get Out Of Bed (4:46)
4. That Old Black Magic (3:34)
5. Sadness (6:23)
6. Lead The Way (4:18)
7. Who Cares (3:18)
8. I've Got A Crush On You (4:42)
9. You Leave Me Low (4:34)
10. The Party's Over (4:22)

Prize winning Danish jazz singer Sidsel Storm in conjunction with the recording of the new album, Storm is enjoying a busy year of live performances – the discipline that first gained her enormous popularity both in Denmark and worldwide.

Sidsel Storm's new album remains true to the modern, airy vocal jazz for which she is known, presenting the listener once again with an ear catching, whimsical expression and vocal style combining the best of jazz and pop.

Despite her youth, Sidsel Storm is already sought after in the international music scene, where critics praise her ability to capture audiences with her warmth, engaging melodies and powerful voice. In increasing demand since the release of her debut album 'Sidsel Storm' in 2008 and 'Swedish Lullaby' in 2010, Storm has, among other things, appeared on the cover of the Japanese jazz magasine Jazz Perspective and performed to full houses in USA, Germany, Thailand and Sweden and most recently at the mini-festival 'Le Jazz Danois' in Paris, where an enthusiastic audience met The Sidsel Storm Quintet with a standing ovation. Success brings with it obligation, and life continues in full swing for Sidsel Storm, who from her base in Dragør is planning a longer Danish and international tour in conjunction with the release of the new album.
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Pat Kelley - The Road Home (2000)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 49:33 | Size: 112.41 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Road Home, The
02. Blue Nile, The
03. Toucan Dance
04. Way You Look Tonight, The
05. Long Cold Winter
06. Big Sky
07. This Side Up
08. Natural Wonder
09. Green Country
10. Amazing Grace

Pat Kelley (vocals, guitar, 6-string bass, synthesizer), Gary Herbig (tenor saxophone, alto flute, flute), David Witham (piano, Hammond organ), Paul Gormley, John Patitucci (acoustic bass), David Enos (acoustic & electric bass), Tim Landers (electric bass), Paul Kreibich, Gary Novak (drums), Michael Shapiro (drums, percussion), Francie Kelley (background vocals).
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Pat Kelley - Perspective (2008)

Genre: Modern Jazz | Total Time: 47:16 | Size: 107.96 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Good News
02. Quiet Time
03. The Road Home
04. Sweet Mishief
05. Portuguese for Travelers
06. The Blue Nile
07. Serenisea
08. First Steps
09. Midnight Cafe
10. San Marcos Pass
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Pat Kelley - In The Moment (2002)

Genre: Smooth Jazz | Total Time: 49:03 | Size: 111.37 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Jungle Highway
02. Minor Sixth Sense
03. Lover's Waltz
04. Rapid Transit
05. Where We Live
06. Walkin' With Grace
07. It's You Or No one
08. Mother and Daughter
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Lorenzo Tucci - Sparkle (2016)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 54:35 | Size: 125.34 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01 Sparkle Suite (Lorenzo Tucci)
02 Past (Lorenzo Tucci)
03 So One (Lorenzo Tucci)
04 Grow (Lorenzo Tucci)
05 Keep Calm (Lorenzo Tucci)
06 L & L (A. Sorgini)
07 Two Years (Lorenzo Tucci)
08 Seven Days (Sting)
09 Tarì (Lorenzo Tucci)
10 E po’ che fa' (Pino Daniele)

Luca Mannutza - piano
Luca Fattorini - double bass
Lorenzo Tucci - drums
Flavio Boltro - trumpet
Karima - Voice (E po' che fa')
Sparkle, is scheduled for release in April 2016 and is the eighth album of one of the most acclaimed drummers on the Italian and international jazz scene: Lorenzo Tucci. The album contains eight of Tucci’s original compositions and two songs paying tribute to great legends in the world of music: Sting and Pino Daniele. Beyond displaying technical mastery, this album reveals Tucci’s style and flair, his creativity as a composer, his recognizable individual genre, and his ability to perform with precision and a fiery modern-edge blend that has been making waves in the contemporary jazz scene. Most of his themes aren’t based on traditional jazz standards, but are shaped into brief suites, launching off into neatly contrived ideas.

This is where jazz’s rhythmic, melodic and harmonic conventions unexpectedly expand to unfold a new space, making SPARKLE a truly innovative, contemporary jazz masterpiece. Renowned pianist Luca Mannutza together with the notably young yet acclaimed double bassist, Luca Fattorini, weave refined and interesting textures that fit seamlessly into the musical interlace, creating truly fresh-sounding atmospheres. Veteran Italian trumpeter Flavio Boltro imbues the music with intensity and emotional strength, thanks to his dynamically sensitive playing and versatility.

The title track, Sparkle Suite, is a three part song - a form which characterizes the entire album. So One, a song in 5/4 time, is catchy and upbeat in a fresh and unpredictable way. Past and Grow are original tracks nestled on the outermost edge of jazz creativity. Two Years reveals a strong and creative melodic approach, with rhythmic inventiveness. The suggestive, slow Bossa Nova track, L&L, carries a sense of mellow seduction and fluidity where Mannutza and Boltro spin out their technically advanced virtuosity. Keep Calm, is a song having a groovy, laid-back feel with linear drumming and polyrhythms almost evocating an auditory illusion. In the last unreleased track, Tarì, inspired by a real yet ethereal location, Tucci creates a sound which is apparently simple, yet of great harmonic complexity.

The tribute songs to Pino Daniele and Sting have been trasformed into true jazz standards of rare beauty: the first, E po' che fa’, is embellished by Karima’s intimate, sultry voice, while Seven Days is performed in trio with Tucci, Mannutza and Fattorini re-inhabiting Sting’s beautiful song in a heartfelt tribute to the great artist.
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Kirk Whalum - The Babyface Songbook (2006)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 57:14 | Size: 131.30 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Exhale (Shoop Shoop)
2. I'll Make Love To You
3. Ca We Talk
4. When Can I See You
5. For The Cool In You
6. Breathe Again
7. Betcha Never
8. Someon To Love
9. Not Goin' Cry
10. Whip Appeal
11. I Said I Love You
12. Wey U

Personnel: Kirk Whalum (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone); Kirk Whalum; John Stoddart (vocals, piano, Fender Rhodes piano); Norman Brown (guitar); Mark Portmann (strings, keyboards, programming); Takana Miyamoto (piano, Fender Rhodes piano); Ricky Peterson (Fender Rhodes piano, Hammond b-3 organ, keyboards); Andy Snitzer (keyboards, programming); Christian McBride (bass guitar); Bashiri Johnson (percussion); Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, Juan Winans, Melinda Doolittle, Babyface (background vocals); Chuck Loeb (acoustic guitar); Dave Koz (soprano saxophone); Rick Braun (trumpet, flugelhorn).
The title of saxophonist Kirk Whalum's 2005 album Kirk Whalum Performs the Babyface Songbook speaks for itself. You get smooth jazz icon Whalum taking on R&B icon Babyface's best songs of the past 15 years, including "Waiting to Exhale (Shoop Shoop)," "I'll Make Love to You," "When Can I See You," and others. Joining in the intimate and stylish proceedings are other smooth jazz notables, including trumpeter Rick Braun, who adds a boppish elan to "Can We Talk," soprano superstar Dave Koz, and guitarists Norman Brown and Chuck Loeb among others. Fans of Whalum and Babyface alike should find much to enjoy here.
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Kenny Ball And His Jazzmen - Lui Le Suona Così (1964)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 29:03 | Size: 75.62 MB | MP3 320 kbps
Side 1
1. Walk right in (Darling-Svanoe)
2. Wooden heart (Wise-Weisman-Twomay-Kaempfert)
3. Acapulco 1922 (Allan)
4. Mai di domenica (Hadjidakis)
5. Zambesi (Carsten-De Waal-Rogers)
6. Washington square (Goldstein)
Side 2
1. Serate a Mosca (Midnight in Moscow) (arr. Ball)
2. Caterina (Shuman-Bower)
3. Sukiyaki (Rohusuke-Hachidai)
4 Occhi neri (Dark Eyes) (Trad.)
5. 55 giorni a Pechino (D. Tiomkin)
6. Rondò (from theme “Marcia Turca” di Mozart)

Kenny Ball, trumpet, leader
Johnny Bennet, trombone
Dave Jones, clarinet
Colin Bates, piano
and others
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Horace Silver Featuring Woody Shaw - Live At The Half-Note, NYC, NY (1965-1966)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:26:22 | Size: 185.94 MB | MP3 320 kbps
Disc One
1. Mo' Joe
2. African Queen
3. Cape Verdean Blues
4. Nutville
Horace Silver - piano
Joe Henderson - tenor sax
Carmell Jones - trumpet
Teddy Smith - bass
Roger Humphries - drums
Disc Two
1. Que Pasa
2. The Kicker
3. Song For My Father
Horace Silver - piano
Joe Henderson - tenor sax
Woody Shaw - trumpet
Larry Ridley - bass
Roger Humphries - drums
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Danilo Rea - Live at Casa del Jazz: Jazzitaliano Live (2006)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:05:30 | Size: 151.08 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Giulia's smile
02. Waltz for Anna
03. Oona
04. I magnifici 5
05. Il respiro
06. Loving cole
07. Transilvania Express
08. Highlands
09. Verso sud
10. Skin
11. Tzigane
12. Minority jazz
13. Chissa perche
14. Crepuscole

Contrabass – Giovanni Tommaso
Drums – Massimo Manzi
Piano – Danilo Rea
Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone – Pietro Tonolo
Violin – Marcello Sirignano

Recorded at Casa del Jazz, Rome, Italy, 2006-03-20.
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Candi Staton - The Album (2008)

Genre: Funk / Soul / R&B | Total Time: 56:49 | Size: 128.90 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Young Hearts Run Free 3:40
2. Nights On Broadway 3:31
3. Stand By Your Man 3:01
4. Victim 5:15
5. Honest I Do 4:59
6. You Got To Love 4:23
7. I'd Rather Be An Old Man 2:12
8. I'm Just A Prisoner 3:10
9. Sweet Feeling 2:44
10. In The Ghetto 2:45
11. Run To Me 3:58
12. When You Wake Up Tomorrow 5:03
13. Suspicious Minds 3:52
14. Now You Got The Upper Hand 1:58
15. He Called Me Baby 2:49
16. Just When You Think It's Safe 3:30
She was once known as the First Lady of Southern Soul for a string of gritty southern fried Top Ten R&B hits (I'm Just A Prisoner, Stand By Your Man, In The Ghetto) she cut at the hallowed FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL during the early '70s and by the end of the decade she was hailed as a disco diva for her danceable chansons such as 1976's #1 R&B smash "Young Hearts Run Free." Then, for twenty years, Candi Staton exclusively sang gospel music before launching an Americana career with 2006's critically acclaimed CD "His Hands" (Bonnie 'Prince' Billy wrote the harrowing title track about domestic abuse).
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Billy Taylor Trio - Taylor Made Piano by The Billy Taylor Trio (1951, 1952)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 35:50 | Size: 84:47 MB | MP3 320 kbps
Side A
1. Just Squeeze Me
2. Feeling Frisky
3. Making Whoopee
4. Tiroro
5. Moonlight Saving Time
6. Cu-Blu

New York, NY; November 1, 1951; May 2, 1952; autumn 1952
Billy Taylor, p; Chuck Wayne, Mundell Lowe, g; Earl May, b; Frank Colon, cnga; Zoot Sims, maracas; Charlie Smith, Jo Jones, d.

Side B
1. I'm Beginning to See the Light
2. All the Things You Are
3. Lady Bird

Storyville Club, Boston, MA; Autumn 1952
Billy Taylor, p; Charles Mingus, b; Marquis Foster, d.
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Amy Yassinger - Sometimes I'm Happy (2012)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 42:49 | Size: 97.61 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Sometimes I'm Happy 3:53
2. One Fine Day 3:58
3. On A Slow Boat To China 3:44
4. Get Happy 3:08
5. Rainbow Connection 4:51
6. I've Never Been In Love Before 3:18
7. Where Do You Start 3:12
8. Love For Sale 4:58
9. In My Life 4:27
10. Bei Mir Bist Du Schon 3:00
11. Make Someone Happy 4:20
Label - Warrior Records
Amy's debut album, "Sometimes I'm Happy," features the unparalleled talents of Jeremy Kahn on piano, George Fludas on drums, John Tate on bass, Doug Rosenberg on Saxophone, and Chris Siebold on guitar. The release has received rave reviews and radio play in the Chicago area. When not performing or recording in Chicago, Amy works as an educator, teaching private voice students.
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Ximo Tebar - Soleo (2016)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 51:23 | Size: 113.10 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Jaco Opus Town (Ximo Tébar) Jaco Pastorius Tribute
02. Soleo (Ximo Tébar)
03. Luna Llena (Ximo Tébar)
04. Nardis (Miles Davis, Arr. Ximo Tébar)
05. Soliloquio (Ximo Tébar) To the memory of George Duke
06. Tarantza (Ximo Tébar)
07. Son Mediterráneo (Ximo Tébar)

Ximo Tébar (Guitar and scat vocals); Orrin Evans (Piano); John Benitez (Acoustic and electric bass); Donald Edwartds (Drums); Santi Navalón (Keyboards); Ricardo Belda (Piano); Ramón Cardo (Saxo); Claudia Tebar (Backing vocals); Fernando García (Percusion).
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Ximo Tebar - Celebrating Erik Satie (2009)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 49:13 | Size: 145.37 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Gnossienne 3
02. Idylle
03. Gymnopedie 1
04. Embryons Desseaches
05. Croquis et Agaceries D'un Gros Bonhomme en Bois
06. En Habit de Chaeval
07. Airs a Faire Fuir 2
08. Veritables Preludes Flasques (Pour Un Chien) 2
09. Gnossienne 1
10. A Solas con Satie

Sean Jones (Trumpet); Robin Eubanks (Trombone); Stacy Dillard (Soprano saxophone); Ximo Tébar (Guitar); Jim Ridl (Rhodes, synthesizer); Orrin Evans (Rhodes); Boris Kozlov (Bass); Donald Edwards (Drums); Ramon Cardo (Soprano saxophone); David Pastor (Trumpet); Carlos Martin (Trombone).
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Ximo Tebar & Ivam Jazz Ensemble - Steps (2008)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 49:13 | Size: 130.22 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Pink panther
02. 26-2
03. Four on six for wes
04. Zap
05. Actual proof
06. Nefertiti
07. Essential passion
08. Steps

Ximo Tébar (Guitarra, scats, arreglos, producción); Orrin Evans (Piano eléctrico y rhodes); Donald Edwards (Batería, arreglos del tema 7); Alex Blake (Bajo acústico); Boris Kozlov (Bajo eléctrico); Ester Andújar (Coros); Ramón Cardo (Saxo soprano); Santi Navalón (Teclados); Stefan Braun (Violonchelo); Kiko Berenguer (Saxo tenor); David Pastor (Trompeta).
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