Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra - Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra 1946-1947 (1980)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 35:41 | Size: 82.09 MB | MP3 320 kbps
Side 1
1. Two Beats On A Bat 2:54
2. I've Got A Crush On You 2:00
3. You're Blase 2:27
4. Maybe 2:34
5. Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries 2:02
6. My Sweetie Went Away 2:30
7. Shaver's Shivers 2:30

Side 2
1. Picalilly Dilly 3:13
2. If I Should Lose You 2:16
3. Little By Little 2:36
4. Emaline 2:42
5. Lost In A Fog 3:07
6. Taking A Chance On Love 2:53
7. Cheerful Little Earful 2:40

Tr. A2-A7, B2-B7
Charlie Chavers, Art Depew, Mickey Manganj, Johnny Amaroso - Trumpets
Tommy Dorsey, Nick DiMaio, Sid Harris or Al Lorraine, Dave Pitman - Trombones
Hugo Lowenstern, Walt Lewinsky (altos), Boomie Richman, Babe Fresk (tenors), Danny Bank (baritone) - Saxophones
Irv Josephs - Piano
Bob Baldwin or Billy Cronk - Bass
Sam Herman - Guitar
Louse Bellson, Ed Grady - Drums
Recorded summer 1946, New-York City

Tr. A1, B1
Charlie Chavers, Art Depew, Art Tancredi, George Cherub - Trumpets
Tommy Dorsey, Nick DiMaio, Sam Hyster, Tak Takvorian - Trombones
Ed Scalzi, Martin Koral (altos), Sam Donahue, Gene Cipriano (tenors), Teddy Lee (baritone) - Saxophones
Sam Herman - Guitar
Gene Kutch - Piano
Mert Oliver - Bass
Ed Grady - Drums
Recorded early 1947, New-York City
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Stockholm Classic Jazz Band - Dream House (2009)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:00:01 | Size: 137.88 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. My Sweetie Went Away 4:14
Alto Saxophone – Göran Eriksson
Double Bass – Göran Lind
Drums – Christer Ekhé
Guitar – Holger Gross
Piano – Ulf Johansson Werre
Tenor Saxophone – Tom Baker
Trumpet – Bent Persson, Jens Lindgren
2. Love Nest 5:44
Alto Saxophone – Göran Eriksson
Cornet – Tom Baker
Double Bass – Göran Lind
Drums – Christer Ekhé
Guitar – Holger Gross
Piano – Ulf Johansson Werre
Trombone – Jens Lindgren
3. I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music 5:18
Alto Saxophone – Göran Eriksson
Banjo – Holger Gross
Double Bass – Göran Lind
Drums – Christer Ekhé
Piano – Ulf Johansson Werre
Tenor Saxophone – Tom Baker
Trombone – Jens Lindgren
Trumpet – Bent Persson
4. Sweet Sue 5:01
Banjo – Holger Gross
Clarinet – Göran Eriksson
Double Bass – Göran Lind
Drums – Christer Ekhé
Trombone – Jens Lindgren, Tom Baker, Ulf Johansson Werre
Vocals – Ulf Johansson Werre
5. Someone's Rockin' My Dream Boat 4:36
Alto Saxophone – Göran Eriksson
Banjo – Holger Gross
Clarinet – Orange Kellin
Double Bass – Göran Lind
Drums – Christer Ekhé
Trombone – Jens Lindgren
Trumpet – Bent Persson
Vocals – Christer Ekhé
6. Dream Kisses 4:18
Alto Saxophone – Göran Eriksson
Banjo – Holger Gross
Clarinet – Göran Eriksson, Orange Kellin
Double Bass – Göran Lind
Drums – Christer Ekhé
Trombone – Jens "Jesse" Lindgren
Trumpet – Bent Persson
Vocals – Christer Ekhé
7. Dream A Little Dream Of Me 5:19
Clarinet – Orange Kellin
Double Bass – Göran Lind
Guitar – Holger Gross
8. Sweetheart Of All My Dreams 4:02
Alto Saxophone – Göran Eriksson
Banjo – Holger Gross
Clarinet – Orange Kellin
Double Bass – Göran Lind
Drums – Christer Ekhé
Trombone – Jens Lindgren
Trumpet – Bent Persson
9. Deep In A Dream 3:33
Alto Saxophone – Göran Eriksson
Banjo – Holger Gross
Clarinet – Orange Kellin
Double Bass – Göran Lind
Drums – Christer Ekhé
Trombone – Jens Lindgren
Trumpet – Bent Persson
10. Dream House 3:32
Alto Saxophone – Göran Eriksson
Banjo – Holger Gross
Clarinet – Orange Kellin
Double Bass – Göran Lind
Drums – Christer Ekhé
Trombone – Jens Lindgren
Trumpet – Bent Persson
11. Dreaming The Hours Away 4:16
Alto Saxophone – Göran Eriksson
Banjo – Holger Gross
Clarinet – Orange Kellin
Double Bass – Göran Lind
Drums – Christer Ekhé
Trombone – Jens Lindgren
Trumpet – Bent Persson
12. Dream Of You 3:37
Alto Saxophone – Göran Eriksson
Banjo – Holger Gross
Clarinet – Orange Kellin
Double Bass – Göran Lind
Drums – Christer Ekhé
Trombone – Jens Lindgren
Trumpet – Bent Persson
13. Beautiful Dreamer 3:51
Banjo – Holger Gross
Clarinet – Orange KEllin
Double Bass – Göran Lind
Drums – Christer Ekhé
Trombone – Jens Lindgren
14. Girl Of My Dreams 3:07
Alto Saxophone – Göran Eriksson
Banjo – Holger Gross
Clarinet – Orange Kellin
Double Bass – Göran Lind
Drums – Christer Ekhé
Trombone – Jens Lindgren
Trumpet – Bent Persson
Vocals – Christer Ekhé
Label - Scana (Sweden)
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Sir Roland Hanna - Tributaries (2003)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:04:48 | Size: 158.88 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Sea Changes
2. A Child Is Born
3. Body And Soul
4. Soon
5. Things Ain't What They Used To Be
6. Never Let Me Go
7. The Cup Bearers
8. 'Tis
9. I Concentrate On You
10. Robin's Nest
11. Delarna

Personnel: Sir Roland Hanna- piano.
Recorded in June 2002, Sir Roland Hanna’s solo piano tribute to the memory of Tommy Flanagan brings a message of love. They both came up through Detroit, and they shared similar career paths. Good friends, one had served as Ella Fitzgerald’s music director, while the other accompanied Sarah Vaughan as her musical director. Hanna recorded this tribute to his old friend, who had passed away on November 16, 2001. Several months after this recording had been finished, however, Hanna became ill from a viral infection of the heart, and passed away on November 13, 2002. This tragic coincidence leaves us with a farewell tribute to both piano giants. Hanna expresses lyrical ballads with effortless ease. His motions flow smoothly, and his use of rich harmonic textures places each piece on a pedestal. The pianist’s walking keyboard rhythms annotate the performance with swing. The variety that he attaches to this set of well-known standards gives the performance a lift. Two of Flanagan’s compositions are represented, to open and close the session. Both pieces exhibit serenity and deep feeling. Hanna interprets them with passion, slowly and deliberately. His agile fingers turn the keys over with a vocal-like presence. Lyricism reigns throughout this fine tribute, as it did throughout two fruitful and unforgettable careers.
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Scrub Board Serenaders - Scrub Board Serenaders (2016)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 41:46 | Size: 95.29 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. You're The Limit
02. At Sundown
03. Rockin' In Rhythm
04. Shine On Harvest Moon
05. Echoes Of Harlem
06. Okey Doke
07. Mood Indigo
08. No Teardrops Tonight
09. Kansas City Man Blues
10. Avalon
11. Goodnight Irene
12. Pitter Patter Panther
Label - Self Production

Evan Arntzen - reeds, vocals (4, 7, 8, 10, 11)
Adam Brisbin - resonator guitar, back vocals
Sean Cronin - bass, back vocals
Brad Lail - washboard, bones, back vocals
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Russell Malone - All About Melody (2016)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 49:56 | Size: 114.77 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. On The Real Side
02. Message To Jim Hall
03. Message From Jim Hall
04. Nice Lady
05. A Sound For Sore Ears
06. When A Man Loves A Woman
07. Saving All My Love For You
08. Jive Hoot
09. Haunted Heart
10. Biskit
11. He’s Gone Away

Russell Malone - guitar
Rick Germanson - piano
Luke Sellick - bass
Willie Jones III – drums

HighNote HCD 7287 (US)

Guitarist Russell Malone has always been a highly lyrical, melodic soloist and he spotlights this talent with his 2016 studio effort, All About Melody. Following up his similar small group album, 2015's Love Looks Good on You, All About Melody is a swinging, soulful, laid-back production showcasing Malone's knack for deftly delivered straight-ahead jazz. Joining Malone once again is his longtime working rhythm section of pianist Rick Germanson, bassist Luke Sellick, and drummer Willie Jones III. Together, this quartet makes supple, warm-toned instrumental music in which each player is totally jacked in, intrinsically working to complement the overall happy group vibe. With his big, hollow-body electric guitar, largely unadorned natural tone, and fluid, bop-inflected lines, Malone sounds positively exuberant here. To these ends, he revisits Freddie Hubbard's "On the Real Side," a groove-oriented number he first played on the trumpeter's last studio album. He then continues to pay homage to another of his stylistic inspirations, the late guitarist Jim Hall, with the hushed original "Message to Jim Hall." Poignantly, the track is followed by an actual phone message Hall left for Malone. Elsewhere, Malone keeps things vibrant and romantic with a sweet, unaccompanied take on "When a Man Loves a Woman," and equally amorous, afterglow-illuminated version of "Saving All My Love for You." However, it's not all candlelight and wine. Malone dances through Sonny Rollins' calypso "Nice Lady," and turns up the noise for a frenetic, funky take on Bill Lee's "Biskit." Ultimately, whether he's slipping into an intimate ballad or launching into a swaggering soul-jazz freakout, Malone keeps listeners hanging onto his melodies.
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Roy Campbell Jr. - Akhenaten Suite: Live at Vision Festival XII (2008)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 57:11 | Size: 131.04 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1 Akhenaten (Amenophis, Amenhotep IV) (11:40)
2 Aten and Amarna (6:29)
3 Pharaoh's Revenge (Akhenaten) Intro Part 1 (2:53)
4 Pharaoh's Revenge Part 1 (10:23)
5 Pharaoh's Revenge (Tutankhamun) Intro Part 2 (3:07)
6 Pharaoh's Revenge Part 2 (10:30)
7 Sunset On The Nile (12:09)

Personnel: Roy Campbell: trumpet, flugelhorn, recorder, arghul; Billy Bang: violin; Bryan Carrott: vibraharp; Hillard Greene: bass; Zen Matsuura: drums.

Label: AUM Fidelity
Trumpeter Roy Campbell's music has always traveled the globe and been inspired by world music, be it Afro-Cuban, Asian, Jamaican, West African, the blues or free music. But while he plays with these various influences, Campbell is always firmly planted in the jazz tradition. For Akhenaten Suite, he travels not only the world but back in time. Dedicated to the Egyptian pharoah of the 18th dynasty—husband of Nefertiti, and perhaps father of Tutankhamun—the music was written in the fashion of a Duke Ellington or Gil Evans suite.

Campbell's ensemble includes vibraharpist Bryan Carrott and drummer Zen Matsuura, who worked with him on New Kingdom (Delmark 1991), violinist Billy Bang, and bassist Hillard Greene, a favorite of saxophonist Charles Gayle.

The music was commissioned by, and premiered at, the Vision Festival in New York in 2007, where this recording was made. The enthusiastic crowd coaxes our heroes forward on each track, even though the suite needs no cheering section. Campbell's writing is more Miles Davis/Gil Evans than Sun Ra. As with his previous work, he maintains a heavy amount of swing in his melodies.

The disc opens with an upbeat vibe, its snaking melody touching all the players' strengths. Campbell and Bang intertwine before the leader unwinds some clear, naturally flowing flugelhorn. With that, the direction of the suite is stated. The audience can relax, knowing this will be a thoroughly enjoyable ride. Onward with a nice processional, "Aten And Anarna."

After a brief intro by way of a recorder, the meat of the disc is presented on "Pharaoh's Revenge," which is in two parts. The players stretch out, allowing the listener to savor the sonorities of Bang's unplugged violin. Soon Campbell soars over both Bang and the rhythms laid by Carrott, Matsuura, and Greene. His sound, always graceful, takes on a real sheen of majesty here. The two featured players, Bang and Campbell, deliver the goods throughout.

"Sunset On The Nile" is the closing piece, and the feel is quite luxurious. Roy Campbell has composed a fully formed suite, one which is worth repeated listening sessions.
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Roosevelt Jazz Band - Europe Live: Montreux '14 (2014)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:12:30 | Size: 164.59 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Flirtibird (5:34)
02. Like Someone In Love (6:22)
03. Boplicity (3:41)
04. Hang Gliding (13:01)
05. Big Dipper (7:56)
06. Perdido (8:13)
07. Fantazm (9:35)
08. On Green Dolphin Street (4:32)
09. Flight Of The Foo Birds (3:07)
10. Dissonance In Blues (5:28)
11. Moten Swing (5:01)
Label - Roosevelt Jazz Roosters
Since before I began directing the Jazz Band at Roosevelt High School, some thirty years ago, the live album of the Count Basie Band, ‘Montreux ‘77’, has been revered as a ‘must have’ recording for every Roosevelt Jazz Band musician. All the tunes, nuances, solos, and even Count Basie’s announcements, have been committed to memory and replication by literally hundreds of Roosevelt Jazz musicians over the years. Everything is so exaggerated; it’s really not typical of most Basie recordings. ‘Kind of like Basie….on steroids. That makes it just perfect for teaching jazz concepts and swing, to young musicians!
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Rhoda Scott - Frame For The Blues (1992)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:00:48 | Size: 139.70 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. So What
2. Frame For The Blues
3. Little Girl Blue
4. Save your love For Me
5. Short Night Blues
6. Song For Philippe
7. Blue Law
8. Whose Side Are You On
9. My Romance
10. A Child Is Born
Personnel: Victor Jones - Drums; Rhoda Scott - Hammond XB-2, Hammond B3000.
Rhoda Scott (b. July 3, 1938, Dorothy, New Jersey) an African-American hard bop and soul jazz organist.The daughter of an AME minister, Scott spent much of her childhood in New Jersey, where she learned to play organ in the churches where her father served. Soon she herself was serving frequently as organist for youth and gospel choirs at her father's and other churches. Scott later studied classical piano, but she concentrated on the organ, eventually earning a Master's degree in music theory from the Manhattan School of Music.By this time she had been asked by a choir member to fill in with a small band as a jazz pianist. Enjoying the music, she agreed to stay on with the band on condition that she be allowed to play organ instead of piano. Choosing as her instrument the Hammond organ, she soon became a preeminent jazz musician and is considered by many to be the top female jazz organist. Scott was first attracted to the organ in her father’s church at age seven. "It's really the most beautiful instrument in the world," she stated in a recent interview. "The first thing I did was take my shoes off and work the pedals." From then on she always played her church organ in her bare feet, and to this date she has continued the practice. In 1967 Scott moved to France, where she has since spent most of her career and earned recognition far greater than that accorded to her in the United States, though she often performs in the latter country as well.She has many famous standards in her repertoire, like In the Mood, Theme from New York, New York, Summertime, Mack the Knife, Take Five, Hit the Road Jack, Greensleeves, Tico-Tico no Fubá, Let it Snow, and Delilah. In May 2011 in a context of Versailles Jazz Festival she gave a significant performance together with a classical organist Francis Vidil, combining sonic palettes of classical organs with jazz and Hammond organs.
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Ralph Flanagan And His Orchestra - Junior-Senior Prom (1954)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 23:05 | Size: 54.00 MB | MP3 320 kbps
Side 1
1. I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time 02:52
2. You 02:42
3. Red River Valley 03:01
4. Merry Widow 03:14

Side 2
1. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 02:18
2. Why 03:07
3. Gypsy Violin 02:40
4. A-Flat Swing 03:11
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Paul Kuhn & SDR Big Band - Swingtime: The Original Arrangements 2 (1994)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:08:51 | Size: 156.29 MB | MP3 320 kbps

1. South Rampart Street Parade 3:30
2. Tuxedo Junction 3:24
3. Back Bay Shuffle 3:06
4. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm 2:52
5. 720 In The Book 2:56
6. I Can't Get Started (Vocal) 4:23
7. Boogie Woogie 3:13
8. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You 3:50
9. Casa Loma Stomp 3:19
10. Concerto For Cootie 3:21
11. A String Of Pearls 3:27
12. Sing, Sing, Sing 3:55
13. And The Angels Sing (Vocal) 3:27
14. Moten Swing 4:44
15. Jumpin' At The Woodside 3:12
16. Ciribiribin 1:39
17. Jersey Bounce 3:13
18. Harlem Nocturne 2:59
19. Yes, Indeed! (Vocal) 3:27
20. Air Mail Special 4:54

Label – L+R Records

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MFSB - MFSB (1973)

Genre: Electronic / Funk / Soul | Total Time: 31:03 | Size: 70.57 MB | MP3 320 kbps
Side A
A1 Freddie's Dead
Written-By – C. Mayfield*
A2 Family Affair
Written-By – S. Stewart*
A3 Something For Nothing
Written-By – K. Gamble*, R. Chambers*, T. Bell*
Side B
B1 Back Stabbers
Written-By – Leon Huff, G. McFadden, J. Whitehead*
B2 Lay In Low
Written-By – C. Gilbert*, L. Huff*
B3 Poinciana
Written-By – B. Bernier*, N. Simon*

Artwork [Fron Cover] – Alex Gnidziejko
Bass – Anthony Jackson, Ronnie Baker*
Bongos, Congas – Larry Washington
Design [Cover] – Ed Lee
Drums – Earl Young, Karl Chambers, Norman Farrington
Electric Piano – Leon Huff
Engineer – Joe Tarsia
Guitar – Bobby Eli, Norman Harris, Reginald Lucas*, TJ Tindall
Horns, Strings – Don Renaldo And His Horns And Strings
Organ – Lenny Pakula
Photography By [Back Cover] – Don Hunstein
Piano – Eddie Green (3), Harold Williams*
Producer – Gamble & Huff
Saxophone, Flute – Tony Williams*
Soloist, Alto Saxophone – Zach Zachary
Vibraphone [Vibes] – Vince Montana*
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MFSB - April Orchestra Vol. 19 Presente MFSB (1977)

Genre: Electronic | Total Time: 41:20 | Size: 94.91 MB | MP3 320 kbps
Side A
A1 April Orchestra - Zach's Fanfare (Zach Zachery)
A2 TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia (K.Gamble - L. Huff)
A3 April Orchestra - Morning Tears (D. Wansel)
A4 April Orchestra - Love Is The Message (K.Gamble - L. Huff)
A5 April Orchestra - Bitter Sweet (b; hawes - J. Faith)
A6 April Orchestra - Ferry Avenue (L. Huff - J. Whitehead - G. Mac Fadden - V. Carstaphen)
A7 April Orchestra - Sexy (K.Gamble - L. Huff)
Side B
B1April Orchestra - Zach's Fanfare (Zach Zachery)
B2 April Orchestra - Picnic In The Park (K.Gamble - L. Huff)
B3 April Orchestra - Tender Lovin' Care (R.L Martin - N. Harris)
B4 April Orchestra - Human Machine (L. Huff - R. Baker)
B5 April Orchestra - The Zip (K.Gamble - L. Huff)
B6 April Orchestra - Interlude (Zach Zachery)
B7 April Orchestra - My Mood (K.Gamble - L. Huff)
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Matt Mitchell - Vista Accumulation (2015)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:36:23 | Size: 219.45 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1 Select Your Existence
2 All he Elasticity
3 Numb Trudge;
4 ’twouldn’t’ve

1 Utensil Strength
2 Wearing the Wig of Atrophy
3 Hyper Pathos
4 The Damaged Center

Personnel: Chris Speed: tenor saxophone, clarinet; Matt Mitchell: piano; Chris Tordini: bass; Dan Weiss: drums.
His keyboard touch can be heard in the ensemble Snakeoil led by Tim Berne, Rudresh Mahanthappa’s Birdcalls, Dave Douglas’ quintet, and in the Darius Jones Quartet. He is also on call for artists like Mario Pavone, Anna Webber and John Hollenbeck. The reason for his employment by all of the above talented composers themselves, is Matt Mitchell‘s own musical choreography, as evidenced on his previous disc Fiction (2013). There he presented 15 mostly short musical études in duo with drummer Ches Smith.
On Vista Accumulation he expands on his own writing making his music into lengthy intricate forays into new composition and jazz improvisation. Listening, you may wonder how Mitchell and, vicariously, you have arrived at this place.

His music draws from his experiences with the band leaders mentioned above, especially Berne, Mahanthappa and Webber. Berne’s touch can be heard in parts of the opener “Select Your Existence” and “Utensil Strength.” Perhaps that is why he employs saxophonist/clarinetist Chris Speed here, a former member of Berne’s band Bloodcount. Then there is also drummer Dan Weiss, a fine composer in his own right, and bassist Chris Tordini.

Each piece is a mini-symphony, with a coordinated organic growth. Mitchell writes music that is sometimes crowded, sometimes elegantly simple. What is evident here is that the pianist was intent on creating a major statement—one that cannot be simply background sound. The experience here requires a committed concentration, which is warranted by the rewards of that consideration.
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Johnny Griffin, Art Taylor Quartet - The Jamfs Are Coming! (1977)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 37:18 | Size: 120.89 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1.The Jamfs Are Coming / Wee Dot (17:15)
2.Wee (1:00)
3.All The Things You Are (20:00)

At The Blue Note Im Pumpwerk, Germany
# 1 October 1977 & # 2-3 December 1975

Johnny Griffin - tenor sax
Rein De Graaff - piano
Koos Serierse - bass (1)
Henk Haverhoek - bass (2,3)
Art Taylor - drums
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Joan Regan - Just Joan (1956)

Genre: Jazz Vocals / Pop | Total Time: 47:39 | Size: 107.82 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. It Could Happen To You 2:49
2. When I Grow Too Old To Dream 2:07
3. I Know Why (And So Do You) 4:19
4. I've Got A Feelin' You're Foolin' 2:54
5. Deep In A Dream 3:13
6. Home 2:31
7. Sinner Or Saint 3:27
8. That Old Feeling 2:55
9. All The Things You Are 3:55
10. Someone To Watch Over Me 2:46
11. Never In A Million Years 3:29
12. For All We Know 3:22
13. Ricochet 2:45
14. Someone Else's Roses 2:20
15. If I Give My Heart To You 2:48
16. Wait For Me Darling 2:01
Label – Decca/London Records
Joan Regan is a traditional pop music singer born in the UK at Romford, Essex on 19 Jan 1928. She was popular during 1950s and 1960s, appearing on the variety circuit in numerous shows, and also on TV. She did a Royal Command Performance in 1955 and was a regular at the London Palladium. Originally a talent spotted by impresario Bernard Delfont and signed by Decca Records, she had a hit with ‘Ricochet’ in 1953. Subsequently she made 4 albums, had her own TV programme and international touring engagements. A number of these were in the USA and across Europe.
Married 3 times, she lived in Florida for a time, finally settling in Kent, England with her 3rd husband. He predeceased her, and she died September 12 2013. She is survived by 2 sons from her first marriage and a daughter from her second. She will be remembered by her numerous fans, especially so as she had performed many of her concerts near the end of her career in aid of various charities. She had blonde hair and a broad smile, and her uplifting vocal style and voice lives on in her recordings.
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Herbie Hancock - Thrust (1974)

Genre: Jazz / Fusion | Total Time: 38:47 | Size: 96.55 MB | MP3 320 kbps

1. Palm Grease
2. Actual Proof
3. Butterfly
4. Spank-A-Lee

Herbie Hancock - Fender Rhodes piano, clavinet, synthesizer
Bennie Maupin - soprano & tenor saxophones, saxello, alto flute, bass clarinet
Paul Jackson - electric bass
Mike Clarke - drums
Bill Summers - percussion
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Harry James - At The Hollywood Palladium (1954)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 37:32 | Size: 85.44 MB | MP3 320 kbps
Side 1
1. Palladium Party 2:50
2. Bye Bye Blues 3:10
3. Please Take A Letter, Miss Brown 4:40
4. Ain´t She Sweet 3:30
5. Sugar Foot Stomp 4:45

Side 2
1. How Could You Do A Thing Like That To Me 3:51
2. Moonlight Bay 2:39
3. Midnight Sun 2:42
4. Moanin` Low 3:22
5. Flash 5:15

Recorded at the Palladium, Los Angeles, January 22 & 23, 1954.

Bass – Buddy Hayes
Drums, Vocals – Buddy Rich
Piano – Tommy Todd
Saxophone – Bob Poland, Frank Polifroni, Herbie Steward, Mascagni Ruffo, Bill Massingill
Trombone – Ziggy Elmer, Dave Robbins, Lewis McCreary
Trumpet – Art Depew, Everet McDonald, Harry James, Nick Buono, Ralph Osborn
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Ellyn Rucker - Thoughts Of You (1997)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 55:27 | Size: 127.22 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Velas
2. Very early
3. In your own sweet way
4. Spring is here
5. Times lie - High wire
6. Something funny
7. Kisses
8. Summer night
9. Thoughts of you
10. Creepin'
11. Gnuble ooze
Personnel: Ellyn Rucker (vocals, piano); Randy Chavez (guitar); John Gunther (flute, tenor saxophone); Laura Newman (soprano saxophone); Eric Gunnison (keyboards); Mark Simon (acoustic bass, electric bass); Jill Fredericksen (drums); Mike Marlier (percussion).
She's billed as "Ellyn Rucker, vocals and piano," but why not reverse the order? Her solos and comping reveal excellent piano chops and swing. Nice moments throughout, but you'll have to work hard to understand her words-Gene Lees' poetry on "Velas" and Alan and Marilyn Bergman's lyric on "Kisses," for example-obscured in a haze of breathy vocalese and busy arrangements. The Denver-based group includes keyboardist Eric Gunnison, who contributes synth colors and a funky B-3 solo; Laura Newman, singing soprano sax; and John Gunther, fine tenor sax and flute; Mark Simon, acoustic and electric bass; Jill Fredericksen, drums; Randy Chavez, guitar; and Mike Marlier, percussion, lay down a groove on Corea's "Times Lie/High Wire (The Aerialist)" and Tom Garvin's "Something Funny." Other tunes are Stevie Wonder's jazz-funk, "Creepin'," Rucker's lyric to Brubeck's "In Your Own Sweet Way," Bill Evans" "Very Early" and her original, the title track. Singer Mark Murphy's liner notes make clear he's really! enthusiastic! about Ellyn Rucker.
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Don Friedman - Hope For Tomorrow (1975)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 38:05 | Size: 113.54 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1.Hope For Tomorrow (10:23)
2.A Place Within (5:45)
3.Paula's Wish (4:25)
4.Beedies (5:54)
5.Canavas On My Mind (5:08)
6.Lullaby For Lynne (6:04)

Vanguard Studio, NYC 1975

Don Friedman - piano, electric piano, ARP String Ensemble
Lyn Christie - bass & electric bass
Bill Goodwin - drums
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David Murray, Geri Allen & Terri Lyne Carrington Power Trio - Perfection (2016)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 57:42 | Size: 132.35 MB | MP3 320 kbps

1. Mirror of Youth
2. Barbara Allen
3. Geri-rigged
4. The David, Geri & Terri Show
5. The Nurturer
6. Perfection
7. D Special (Interlude)
8. Samsara (For Wayne)
9. For Fr. Peter O'Brien
10. Cycles and Seasons

Label - Motéma Music

David Murray - tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Geri Allen - piano
Terri Lyne Carrington - drums

The longest track on “Perfection,” the debut album by a jazz trio with David Murray on tenor saxophone and bass clarinet, Geri Allen on piano and Terri Lyne Carrington on drums, clocks in at just over eight minutes, covering so much ground that it feels almost like an epic. Composed by Mr. Murray, it’s a swinging tune with a pensive yet intrepid melody, and a midsection of bristling abstraction. The title is playfully apt: “The David, Geri & Terri Show.”
Dynamic combustion is the core characteristic of this all-star trio, which first convened at the 2015 NYC Winter Jazzfest. Mr. Murray, 61, is an improviser of great, garrulous bluster, while Ms. Allen and Ms. Carrington, both in their 50s, have forged prominent careers more in line with the postbop mainstream.
“Perfection” was recorded one week after the death of Ornette Coleman, whose trailblazing music and spirit influenced each member of the group. The title track is a previously unissued piece of Mr. Coleman’s, in a manner of speaking: It’s a scrappy tune transcribed from his alto saxophone playing.
The tension between form and freedom is obvious but never overstated, and the rapport within the trio is exceptionally strong.
~ Nate Chinen, New York Times

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Clark Terry - Live In Chicago Vol. 1 & 2 (1976)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:29:24 | Size: 204.72 MB | MP3 320 kbps
Volume 1
1.Secret Love (8:38)
2.One Foot In The Gutter (10:05)
3.Celito Lindo (7:10)
4.Mood Indigo (9:47)
5.On The Trail (12:20)
Volume 2
6.Canadian Sunset (10:54)
7.Autumn Leaves (11:19)
8.I Want A Little Girl (5:55)
9.Chitlin' Woman (6:24)
10.Mumbles (6:53)

Live At Ratso's, Chicago 1976

Clark Terry - trumpet
Ernie Wilkins - alto & tenor sax
Marty Harris - piano
Victor Sproles - bass
Ed Saple - drums
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Return To Forever Featuring Chick Corea - Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy (1973)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 42:06 | Size: 94.48 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01 - Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy.mp3
02 - After The Cosmic Rain.mp3
03 - Captain Senor Mouse.mp3
04 - Theme To The Mothership.mp3
05 - Space Circus.mp3
06 - The Game Maker.mp3

Bill Connors - acoustic & electric guitars
Chick Corea - acoustic & electric pianos, organ, harpsichord, gong
Lenny White - drums, bongos, congas, percussion
Stanley Clarke - electric bass, bell tree
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Burt Collins & Joe Shepley - Time, Space & Blues (1970)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 36:04 | Size: 78.65 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1.Time, Space & Blues (6:03)
2.Apogee (3:35)
3.Blue Interlude (4:28)
4.Docking Maneuver (4:25)
5.Module 3 (5:00)
6.Soft Landing (4:08)
7.Susan Moon (3:27)
8.Fourth Dimension (4:45)

Columbia 30th Street Studio 1970

Burt Collins, Joe Shepley, Bernie Glow - trumpet, flugelhorn
Garnett Brown, Paul Faulise - trombone & bass trombone
Jerry Dodgion - flute & soprano saxophone
Joe DeAngelis - french horn
Tony Price - tuba
Mike Abene - piano
Bob Cranshow - bass
Mickey Roker - drums
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Billy Cobham - B.C. (1979)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 41:34 | Size: 93.81 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1.Oh Mendocino (6:39)
2.Dana (4:30)
3.What Is Your Fantasy (3:32)
4.A Little Travelin' Music (4:11)
5.The Lonely Bull (El Solo Toro) (6:22)
6.I Don't Want To Be Without You (4:08)
7.Bright Up The House Lights (4:26)
8.Vlastar - An Encounter (7:23)

Label: Wounded Bird - WOU 5993

Billy Cobham - drums, synthesizer, timbales, producer
Ernie Watts, Pete Christlieb, Bill Green - woodwinds
Oscar Brashear, Steve Madaio - trumpet, flugelhorn
Garnett Brown, Wayne Henderson - trombones
Ernie Tack - tuba & bass trombone
David Duke - french horn
Bobby Lyle - piano & synthesizer
David Yost - synthesizer
Michael McGloiry - guitar
Nathaniel Phillips - bass
Ed Reddick - bass
With Strings Sections
And Back Vocals
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Barry Miles & Co - Sky Train (1975)

Genre: Jazz / Fusion | Total Time: 49:50 | Size: 113.42 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1.Sky Train (3:50)
2.Old Man Jack (4:20)
3.Relay (6:07)
4.This Is Our Night (4:00)
5.The Big A (6:42)
6.A Waltz For You (5:36)
7.Cityscape (The Fusion Suite) (20:30)

RCA Studio, New York 1975
Label: RCA Rec.- BGL1 2200

Barry Miles - keyboards & arranger
Randy Brecker, Tom Harrell, Burt Collins, Joe Shepley - trumpet
Tony Studd, Sam Burtis, David Taylor, Tom Malone - trombone
Jimm Buffington, Brooks Tillotson - french horns
Eric Kloss - alto saxophone
Tony Price - tuba
Eddie Gomez - bass (6)
Anthony Jackson - electric bass
Jeff Mironov - guitar (2)
Vic Juris - guitar
Terry Silverlight - drums
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Jerry Lee Lewis - Sun Essentials Anthology (4CD) (2006)

Genre: Rock / Folk / World & Country | Total Time: 5:06:08 | Size: 1.01 GB | MP3 320 kbps
CD 1: Rockin' Rollin' Country Boy
01. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (2:52) 1957 (Williams, David)
02. Great Balls Of Fire (1:52) 1957 (Blackwell, Hammer)
03. High School Confidential (2:28) 1958 (Hargrave, Lewis)
04. Be Bop A Lula (2:25) 1962 (Vincent, Davis)
05. Good Golly, Miss Molly (Alternate Take) (2:10) 1963 (Blackwell, Marascalco)
06. Down The Line (2:12) 1958 (Orbison)
07. Lovin' Up A Storm (1:51) 1959 (Khent, Dixon)
08. Wild One (1:50) 1958 (O'Keefe, Greenan, Owens)
09. Ooby Dooby (1:56) 1957 (Moore, Penner)
10. End Of The Road (1:47) 1957 (Trad., Arr. Lewis)
11. Pumping Piano Rock (2:03) 1957 (Lewis)
12. All Night Long (2:02) 1957 (Trad., Arr. Lewis)
13. Let The Good Times Roll (2:12) 1974 (F.Moore, S.Theard)
14. Put Me Down (2:08) 1958 (James)
15. Don't Be Cruel (1:58) 1958 (Blackwell)
16. I'm Feeling Sorry (2:39) 1958 (J.Clement)
17. Home (1:57) 1959 (Miller)
18. The Wild Side Of Life (2:46) 1960 (Warren, Carter)
19. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again (2:32) 1960 (Walker, Sullivan)
20. I Love You Because (3:01) 1957 (Payne)
21. Born To Lose (2:38) 1956 (Brown)
22. I'm Throwing Rice (At The Girl I Love) (2:13) 1969 (S.Nelson, E.Nelson, E.Arnold)
23. Jambalaya (On The Bayou) (1:58) 1958 (Williams)
24. Lovesick Blues (2:08) 1971 (I.Mills, C.Friend)
25. Crazy Heart (2:46) 1958 (Rose, Murray)
26. You Win Again (2:54) 1957 (Williams)
27. Cold, Cold, Heart (3:05) 1961 (Williams)
28. I Can't Help It (If I'm Stil In Love With You) (2:51) 1957 (Williams)
29. Your Cheatin' Heart (1:44) 1960 (Williams)
30. Settin' The Woods On Fire (Undubbed Version) (2:25) 1989 (K.Nelson, F.Rose)
31. Long Gone Lonesome Blues (2:01) 1957 (Williams)
32. (Walk That) Lonesome Valley (With Elvis Presley) (2:17) 1981 (Trad., Arr. H.Young)

CD 2: The Country Boy Rocks On
01. Big Blon' Baby (1:40) 1959 (Roberts, Jacobson)
02. Rock 'n' Roll Ruby (1:56) 1957 (Cash)
03. Pink Pedal Pushers (2:06) 1970 (C.Perkins)
04. Breathless (2:42) 1958 (Blackwell)
05. I'm Sorry, I'm Not Sorry (2:35) 1958 (Ballman)
06. Ubangi Stomp (1:45) 1957 (Underwood)
07. Friday Night (1:41) 1974 (J.Liddle)
08. It'll Be Me (2:43) 1957 (Clement)
09. Milk Shake Mademoiselle (2:11) 1958 (Hammer)
10. Baby, Baby, Bye, Bye (1:56) 1960 (Lewis, Smith)
11. Break Up (2:18) 1958 (Rich)
12. Just Who Is To Blame (2:33) 1989 (Trad., Arr. Lewis)
13. Charming Billy (Billy Boy) (2:17) 1972 (Trad., Arr. Lewis)
14. It Won't Happen With Me (2:57) 1961 (Evans)
15. Bonnie B (2:19) 1960 (Underwood)
16. Livin' Lovin' Wreck (2:03) 1961 (Blackwell)
17. Your Lovin' Ways (2:37) 1963 (Harkins, Chilton)
18. Crazy Arms (2:43) 1956 (Mooney, Seals)
19. I'll Make It All Up To You (Alternate Take) (2:44) 1983 (Rich)
20. Let's Talk About Us (2:06) 1959 (Blackwell)
21. It Hurt Me So (2:38) 1958 (Rich, Justis)
22. As Long As I Live (2:24) 1958 (Burnette)
23. How's My Ex Treating You? (2:34) 1962 (McAlpin)
24. I Can't Seem To Say Goodbye (2:32) 1963 (Robertson)
25. Shame On You (2:08) 1974 (S.Cooley)
26. I'll Sail My Ship Alone (2:07) 1958 (Burns, Mann)
27. Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You) (2:43) 1958 (Hodges)
28. Set My Mind At Ease (2:01) 1962 (West)
29. Seasons Of My Heart (3:00) 1963 (Jones, Edwards)
30. It All Depends (On Who Will Buy The Wine) (2:58) 1958 (Mizel)
31. Slippin' Around (2:51) 1958 (Tillman)
32. Night Train To Memphis (2:08) 1959 (Hughes, Bradley, Smith)

CD 3: Hillbilly Blues
01. Big Legged Woman (2:28) 1958 (J.Temple)
02. Rockin' With Red (1:58) 1957 (Perryman)
03. Sixty Minute Man (1:50) 1957 (Marks, Ward)
04. So Long, I'm Gone (2:09) 1974 (R.Orbison)
05. I've Been Twistin' (3:17) 1962 (Parker)
06. Teenage Letter (2:18) 1963 (Richard)
07. Mean Woman Blues (2:27) 1957 (Demetrius)
08. Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee (2:37) 1957 (McGhee, Williams)
09. Keep Your Hands Off It (Birthday Cake) (2:14) 1960 (Tyzanas)
10. Money (2:38) 1961 (Gordy, Bradford)
11. Sick And Tired (2:43) 1974 (C.Kenner, D.Bartholomew)
12. Hound Dog (2:05) 1960 (Leiber, Stoller)
13. Cool Cool Ways (Sexy Ways) (2:30) 1958 (Ballard)
14. Hello, Hello, Baby (3:25) 1958 (Trad., Arr. Lewis)
15. I Know What It Means (2:40) 1962 (Kelser)
16. It'll Be Me (L.P. Version) (2:15) 1957 (Clement)
17. Hillbilly Music (2:09) 1959 (Vaughn)
18. Turn Around (2:51) 1957 (Perkins)
19. Love's Made Me A Fool Of Me (2:45) 1960 (Y.Wilburn, H.Shedd)
20. I Forgot To Remember To Forget (2:28) 1957 (Kesler, Feathers)
21. Fools Like Me (2:53) 1958 (Clement, Maddux)
22. I Can't Trust Me (2:14) 1962 (McAlpin, Tommy Certain)
23. I'm The Guilty One (2:10) 1959 (Unknown)
24. Memory Of You (2:11) 1958 (Lewis)
25. Don't Drop It (1:49) 1960 (Fell)
26. Hand Me Down My Walking Cane (2:21) 1957 (Bland)
27. Crawdad Song (1:51) 1957 (Trad., Arr. Lewis)
28. Crazy Arms (Remake) (2:35) 1983 (Mooney, Seals)
29. Ramblin' Rose (3:20) 1969 (F.Burch, M.Wilkin, O.Wilson)
30. Rockin' The Boat Of Love (2:41) 1974 (C.Mann)
31. Whole Lotta' Twistin' Goin' On (3:18) 1989 (D.Williams, S.David)

CD 4: Something Old, Something Blue
01. What'd I Say (2:25) 1961 (Charles)
02. Honey Hush (2:05) 1957 (Turner)
03. Tomorrow Night (2:59) 1956 (Coslow, Grosz)
04. Carryin' On (Sexy Ways) (2:02) 1958 (Ballard, Arr. Lewis)
05. Good Rockin' Tonight (2:42) 1958 (Brown)
06. Come What May (2:05) 1958 (Tableporter)
07. Hello Josephine (1:45) 1961 (Domino, Bartholomew)
08. Little Queenie (2:26) 1959 (Berry)
09. Johnny B. Goode (1:56) 1958 (Berry)
10. Hang Up My Rock 'n' Roll Shoes (2:37) 1960 (Willis)
11. Sweet Little Sixteen (2:57) 1962 (Berry)
12. Matchbox (1:51) 1983 (Trad., Arr. Perkins)
13. C.C. Rider (2:28) 1961 (Willis)
14. Lewis Boogie (2:02) 1958 (Lewis)
15. The Ballad Of Billy Joe (2:57) 1959 (C.Rich)
16. My Pretty Quadroon (2:56) 1962 (Trad., Arr. Lewis)
17. Hong Kong Blues (Down In Old Hong Kong) (2:28) 1989 (H.Carmichael)
18. That Lucky Old Sun (3:12) 1957 (Smith)
19. Goodnight Irene (Undubbed Master) (2:57) 1989 (Ledbetter)
20. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (2:25) 1957 (Carter)
21. The Great Speckled Bird (1:44) 1960 (Trad., Arr. Lewis)
22. John Henry (2:34) 1960 (Trad.)
23. Frankie and Johnny (2:35) 1958 (Trad., Arr. Lewis)
24. You're The Only Star In My Blue Heaven (1:52) 1959 (Autry)
25. Waiting For A Train (All Around The Watertank) (1:43) 1962 (Rogers)
26. Old Pal Of Yesterday (2:34) 1989 (Autry)
27. Mexicali Rose (Slow Version) (1:55) 1987 (H.Stone, J.Tenney)
28. Deep Elenn Blues (2:45) 1957 (Attlesey, Attlesey)
29. You Are My Sunshine (2:13) 1957 (Davis)
30. The Marine's Hymn (From The Halls Of Montezuma) (2:22) 1974 (Trad., Arr. Lewis)
31. That's My Desire (1:14) 1988 (Loveday, Kresa)
32. Just A Little Talk With Jesus (With Elvis Presley) (3:11) 1981 (C.Derricks)
33. Carry Me Back To Old Virginia (2:30) 1963 (J.Bland, Arr. Lewis)
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William Ash - Broadway Alley (2006)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 47:28 | Size: 108.29 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1.Broadway Alley (5:55)
2.The Cusp (4:33)
3.Smooth Spin (4:48)
4.Crocodile Bogallo (4:14)
5.A New Day (5:45)
6.Mom (4:53)
7.The Master (6:17)
8.Queens Gambit (7:02)
9.Ash (4:01)

William Ash - guitar
Jared Gold - Hammond B-3 organ
Jimmy Madison - drums
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The Cutting Edge - The Cutting Edge (1998)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:05:25 | Size: 148.96 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1.Footprints (8:03)
2.Yesterdays (5:56)
3.Code Bleu (10:10)
4.Cantaloupe Island (6:40)
5.Cutting Edge (8:01)
6.Secret Of The Andes (7:24)
7.Space Dozen (5:19)
8.Our Destiny (7:17)
9.Get Out Of Town (6:34)

Steve Davis Studio 1998
Label: Double Time DT 141

Conrad Herwig - trombone
Tim Hagans - trumpet
Walt Weiskopf - tenor sax
Andy LaVerne - piano
Jay Anderson - bass
Steve Davis - drums
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Tab Benoit - Fever For The Bayou (2005)

Genre: Blues / Rock / Louisiana Blues  | Total Time: 49:09 | Size: 107.94 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Night Train
02. Little Girl Blues
03. I Smell A Rat
04. Fever For The Bayou
05. Lost In Your Lovin'
06. Golden Crown
07. I Can't Hold Out
08. The Blues Is Here To Stay
09. Got Love If You Want It
10. Blues So Bad
11. My Bucket's Got A Hole In It

Tab Benoit-Guitar,Vocals
Carl Dufrene-Bass
Daryl White-Drums
Cyril Neville-Percussion, Vocals
Big Chief Monk Boudreaux-Percussion, Vocals
Jimmy Carpenter-Tenor Saxophone
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Sonny Rollins - Holding The Stage: Road Shows, Vol. 4 (2016)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:13:05 | Size: 163.02 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. In a Sentimental Mood (Live)
02. Professor Paul (Live)
03. Mixed Emotions (Live)
04. Keep Hold of Yourself (Live)
05. Disco Monk (Live)
06. You’re Mine You (Live)
07. H.S. (Live)
08. Sweet Leilani (Live)
09. Solo (Live)
10. Don’t Stop the Carnival (Live)

For his new album "Holding the Stage: Road Shows, vol. 4," the great tenor saxophonist Sonny Rollins once again taps into his vast archives of his own concert recordings to compile superior performances for release in the acclaimed "Road Shows" series. The album encompasses some 33 years (1979-2012) yet coheres with all of the compelling logic and narrative force of an extended Sonny solo.

"Holding the Stage," to be released by Doxy Records digitally April 8 and on CD April 15, the second album in a distribution agreement with Sony Music Masterworks and its jazz imprint OKeh, is truly a treasure chest that includes tunes Rollins has never before recorded and musical relationships previously undocumented. “This album consists of various periods of my career, with something for everybody,” says Rollins. “It’s who I am, and the music represents just about every aspect of what I do.”

Three Rollins originals pay tribute to departed friends and colleagues. The soulful blues “H.S.,” for Horace Silver, has been a concert staple since its appearance on Sonny’s 1995 Milestone album "Sonny Rollins +3." Saxophonist/arranger Paul Jeffrey, who died last year at 81, is remembered in the funky “Professor Paul,” a new composition making its recorded debut here. Of “Disco Monk,” from 1979’s "Don’t Ask" (Milestone) and rarely performed since, Rollins told CD annotator Ted Panken: “It was disco-disco-disco then, everywhere you went, but I heard something juxtaposed with [Thelonious] Monk within this disco craze, and I wanted to meld them in a way that both styles would be themselves and yet be one.”

Another highlight is a previously unreleased 23-minute medley (and concert closer) from his September 15, 2001 Boston performance, most of which had been immortalized in Rollins’s final Milestone album, the Grammy Award-winning "Without a Song: The 9/11 Concert." “Sweet Leilani,” introduced on his "This Is What I Do" album of the year before, morphs into a richly evocative solo cadenza and an epically ecstatic “Don’t Stop the Carnival.”

In the Harlem of his youth, Rollins told Panken, “music was happening on every street corner. So the idea of ‘keep the music going’ is in that song. Don’t stop the carnival. In the case of 9/11, that was especially prophetic.”

Since launching his Doxy Records imprint in 2006 with the Grammy-nominated studio album "Sonny, Please," Sonny Rollins has been turning to his concert recording archive dating back nearly 40 years for release on the label. The selections in Volume 1 (2008) spanned nearly three decades and included a trio track from the saxophonist’s 50th-anniversary Carnegie Hall concert, while Volume 2 (2011) focused primarily on his historic 80th-birthday concert at New York’s Beacon Theatre. Volume 3 (2014) marked the first recording of “Patanjali” and hinged on a stunning 23-minute excavation of Jerome Kern’s “Why Was I Born?”

"Holding the Stage: Road Shows, vol. 4" was produced by Rollins and his longtime engineer, Richard Corsello. Personnel includes trombonist Clifton Anderson; pianists Stephen Scott and Mark Soskin; guitarists Bobby Broom, Peter Bernstein, and Saul Rubin; bassists Bob Cranshaw and Jerome Harris; drummers Kobie Watkins, Perry Wilson, Victor Lewis, Jerome Jennings, Al Foster, and Harold Summey Jr.; and percussionists Kimati Dinizulu, Sammy Figueroa, and Victor See Yuen.
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Pressure75 - Meltdown (2016)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 41:30 | Size: 94.25 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. The Slam Down
02. Meltdown
03. Red Sea feat. Shawn Lee
04. Kurzzug
05. Plan Of Attack
06. Standing On The Shoulders Of Giantslayers
07. Ajebutter
08. Binturong
09. Slam Down (Jettricks VS Pressure75)

Ben Greenslade-Stanton: Trombones, Keyboards & Percussion (additional Guitar on Red Sea)
Sam Eastmond: Trumpet
Jon Gillies: Tenor Sax
Matt McNaughton: Baritone Sax
Tom Williams: Guitar
Holley Gray: Bass
Dave Longman: Drums
Mark Claydon: Congas & Bongos
Sven Benton: Mini Moog on Binturong, Wurli on Plan Of Attack & Tambourine on Kurzzug
Shawn Lee: Electric 12-String Guitar & Melodica on Red Sea
Jettricks: Additional Percussion, Keyboards, Bass & Guitars on Slam
Down JetTricks VS Pressure75

All Tracks composed by Sam Eastmond & Ben Greenslade-Stanton
East Green Records
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Oz Noy - Who Gives a Funk (2016)

Genre: Jazz / Rock | Total Time: 1:00:36 | Size: 141.26 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Come On (feat. Fred Wesley) (7:12)
02. Flashback (feat. John Medeski) (5:52)
03. Better Get It In Your Soul (feat. Randy Becker) (7:28)
04. I Got You (I Feel Good) (feat. Chris Potter) (5:27)
05. A Change Is Gonna Come (6:42)
06. Ice Man (feat. Robben Ford) (4:48)
07. Zig Zag (7:19)
08. Damn, This Groove (feat. Dweezil Zappa) (5:50)
09. Little Wing (feat. Corey Glover) (5:56)
10. Five Spot Blues (feat. Joe Bonamassa) (4:10)
Label - Abstract Logix
Internationally acclaimed New York guitarist and composer Oz Noy follows his provocative two-volume exploration and reinvention of his blues roots (Twisted Blues) with Who Gives a Funk, due out April 15th – a examination of classic funk and R&B grooves, spiked with his uniquely unhinged improvisational instincts. “Simple, funky music – but soulful,” is how Noy describes it, while acknowledging that simple is not synonymous with easy: The discipline and clarity these classic structures demand put even the finest musicians to the test, and Noy and his all-star cohorts deliver a remarkable program that uncovers intriguing new pathways through timeless forms.
Inspired by the funk-blues nexus of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s music of artists like Freddie King, James Brown, Albert Collins, Who Gives a Funk mixes concise, compelling original compositions with reimaginings of vintage standards by Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Sam Cook, Charles Mingus, and even Thelonious Monk – mostly tracked live in the studio for maximum grit and spark. A core group of New York’s finest is augmented by an impressive array of guest appearances, including performances by John Medeski, Dweezil Zappa, funk pioneer Fred Wesley, Chris Potter, Robben Ford, Randy Brecker, Joe Bonamasa, members of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s Double Trouble, and Living Color vocalist Corey Glover.
Through it all, Noy’s guitar is the connecting thread. Whether steering the band with incisive, stark rhythm work or soaring over the grooves with impeccable single-note leads that recall the graceful, nuanced inflection of a fine soul vocalist, Noy brilliantly walks a musical tightrope spanning the best of the past and the future. Surprising, danceable, and accessible, Who Gives a Funk is a powerfully heartfelt new statement from one of contemporary guitar’s great improvisational stylists.
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One For All - Optimism (1998)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:10:07 | Size: 159.52 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1.Optimism (8:27)
2.Stranger In Moscow (7:02)
3.Straight Up (7:25)
4.All For One (11:17)
5.Pearl's (6:10)
6.Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most (7:19)
7.What Kind Of Fool Am I? (7:58)
8.The Prevaricator (8:12)
9.These Foolish Things (6:17)

Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 1998
# 9 Performed By The James Farnsworth Quintet

Eric Alexander - tenor saxophone
Jim Rotondi - trumpet & flugelhorn
Steve Davis - trombone
David Hazeltine - piano
Peter Washington - bass
Joe Farnsworth - drums
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Kazumi Watanabe - Kylyn Live (1979)

Genre: Jazz / Fusion | Total Time: 1:25:57 | Size: 195.81 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Inner Wind (Watanabe) 11:01
02. Snap Dragon (Watanabe) 12:07
03. Milky Shade (Watanabe) 13:58
04. Milestones (Davis) 6:56

01. The River Must Flow (Vannelli) 6:17
02. Zai Kanton Shounen (Yano) 7:11
03. I'll Be There (Sakamoto-Yano) 7:16
04. Blackstone (Watanabe) 18:59
05. Walk Tail (Zawinul) 2:17
Label - Better Days/Nippon Columbia
Recorded at Roppongi Pit Inn, Tokyo on June 15-17, 1979

Kazumi Watanabe - guitar
Toshiyuki Honda - alto saxophone, background vocals
Yasuaki Shimizu - tenor saxophone, background vocals
Shigeharu Mukai - trombone, background vocals
Akiko Yano - keyboards, vocals
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Fender Rhodes, acoustic piano, Prophet 5, Polymoog, Arp Odissey, Korg PS-3100, background vocals
Ray Ohara - Fender Jazz bass, background vocals
Shuichi "Ponta" Murakami - drums
Pecker - congas, timbales, percussion, vocals
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Jo Stafford and Gordon MacRae with Paul Weston and his orchestra - Cole Porter's Musical, "Kiss Me Kate" (1949)

Genre: Stage & Screen / Musical | Total Time: 21:57 | Size: 51.67 MB | MP3 320 kbps

Side 1
1. Jo Stafford, Gordon MacRae - Wunderbar
2. Gordon MacRae - Were Thine That Special Face
3. Jo Stafford Always - True To You In My Fashion

Side 2
1. Jo Stafford - Why Can't You Behave
2. Gordon MacRae - Bianca
3. Jo Stafford - I Hate Men
4. Paul Weston Orchestra With Chorus - Too Darn Hot

Conductor – Paul Weston
Vocals – Gordon MacRae, Jo Stafford
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Don Ellis - Tears Of Joy (1971)

Genre: Jazz / Fusion | Total Time: 1:22:09 | Size: 189.47 MB | MP3 320 kbps
Side 1
1. Tears Of Joy
Written-By, Arranged By – Don Ellis 2:56
2. 5/4 Getaway
Written-By, Arranged By – Don Ellis 7:47
3. Bulgarian Bulge
Written-By, Arranged By – Don Ellis 4:48
4. Get It Together
Written-By, Arranged By – Sam Falzone 5:07

Side 2
1. Quiet Longing
Written-By, Arranged By – Don Ellis 3:43
2. Blues In Elf
Written-By, Arranged By – Don Ellis 6:36
3. Loss
Written-By, Arranged By – Don Ellis 8:23

Side 3
1. How's This For Openers?
Written-By, Arranged By – Don Ellis 8:35
2. Samba Bajada
Written-By, Arranged By – Hank Levy 11:30

Side 4
1. Strawberry Soup
Written-By, Arranged By – Don Ellis 17:31
2. Euphoric Acid
Written-By, Arranged By – Fred Selden 4:23

Recorded May 20-23, 1971 at Basin Street West in San Francisco.

Bass – Dennis Parker
Bass Trombone – Kenny Sawhill
Cello – Christine Ermacoff
Clarinet – Sam Falzone
Congas – Lee Pastora
Drums – Ralph Humphrey, Ron Dunn
French Horn – Kenneth Nelson
Oboe – Jon Clarke
Piano – Milcho Leviev
Saxophone [Alto] – Lonnie Shetter
Saxophone [Alto], Flute – Fred Selden
Trombone – Jim Sawyer
Trumpet – Bruce MacKay, Jack Caudill, Paul Bogosian
Trumpet [Quarter Tone], Flugelhorn [Four-valve], Drums – Don Ellis
Tuba, Trombone [Contrabass] – Doug Bixby
Viola – Ellen Smith
Violin [First] – Alfredo Ebat
Violin [Second] – Earle Corry
Woodwind – Fred Selden, Jon Clarke, Lonnie Shetter, Sam Falzone

Recorded at San Francisco's Basin Street West in 1971, Tears of Joy marked a subtle change in the Don Ellis big band. The trumpeter was gradually drifting toward popular music, and he was beginning to use the new electronic technology to its best advantage. However, he continued to load each arrangement with the kinds of musical features that have always left their unique stamp on his undertakings. Ellis and his other soloists stretch out with virtuosity while complex rhythms and dense counterpoint fill the air, and the band's sections taunt each other with adventurous forays.

Meters of 11/4, 9/4, 5/4, 7/8, 9/8, 9/16, and even 3-2/3 over 4 give these compositions a hearty texture. Ellis' big band arrangements can be studied over and over, and one will still find complexities which yearn to be understood.

"Blues in Elf," a personal favorite, oozes with deep feeling. As the string quartet introduces the leader's trumpet solo, you can feel the release coming. His horn shows the way as Ellis makes use of its fourth valve to place "blue notes" throughout his interpretation. Soul-searching solos by Milcho Leviev on piano and electric piano provide a "before and after" approach to the blues as he transforms the piece's complexion from traditional to modern.

In Ellis' original liner notes, which are included, he terms his teary trumpet feature on "Loss" as an impression that's implied by the title. The band's genuine portrayal is remarkable.

At 82 minutes, the double-disc Tears of Joy captures a considerably-sized portrait of the Don Ellis big band in live performance. Soulful expression comes from every corner. With a samba in nine, a blues in eleven, and a ballad in seven, the band provides plenty of left brain/right brain interaction. That Ellis sits down at the drum set in several places implies more than just a passing fancy with making his rhythms work.

With this live session, Ellis was still the trumpet virtuoso. His cadenzas are remarkable. His band provides thrilling ensemble interpretations, and his soloists step up to the microphone with offerings that match the leader's creativity. Stellar contributions are made in performances by Leviev; saxophonists Lonnie Shetter, Fred Selden, and Sam Falzone; and all three percussionists. Highly recommended, Tears of Joy represents vintage Don Ellis big band excitement at its best.
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Dave Walsh - Storyboard (2012)

Genre: Jazz-Rock / Fusion | Total Time: 1:04:12 | Size: 147.03 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. After Sweden 5:43
2. Storyboard 7:38
3. For A Short While 7:24
4. Hold On 8:04
5. Because of... 8:57
6. Wait, Don't Walk 4:09
7. The Peace Of One 8:01
8. Turning Circle 8:41
9. Autumn Song 5:35
Label - Web Release (UK)

Dave Walsh - Composition, Drums, Piano, Strings, Vox
Lara James - Soprano Sax
Simon Willescroft - Alto, Tenor, Soprano Sax
Russ Van Den Berg - Soprano and Tenor Sax
Stuart McCallum - Electric Guitar
Ulrich Elbracht - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Richard Wetherall - Piano
Pete Hughes - Piano, Keys
Richard Hammond - Acoustic and Electric Bass
Ollie Collins - Vector Bass, Piccolo Bass, Freless bass, Electric Bass
Lea Mullen - Percussion
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Bernie Cummins & His Toadstool Inn Orchestra - Timeless Historical presents Bernie Cummins and his Orchestra 1924-1930 (2008)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:05:32 | Size: 151.07 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Home Folks Blues
2. Ida
3. Dancin' Dan
4. When
5. Jiminy Gee
6. When the Wind Blows North (Then I Start Going South)
7. St. Louis Blues
8. When the Dixie Stars Play Peek-A-Boo
9. Brown Eyes
10. Words
11. Keep On Dancing
12. That's Georgia
13. Lonely Me
14. I Like You Best of All
15. Popular Street Blues
16. Make My Cot Where The Cot-Cot-Cotton Grows
17. Ev'rybody Loves My Girl
18. Cooking Breakfast For the One I Love
19. Minnie the Mermaid (A Love Song In Fish Time)
20. Livin' In the Sunlight, Lovin' In the Moonlight
21. Mysterious Mose
22. Dust
23. Be Careful With Those Eyes
24. Cheer Up (Good Times Are Coming)
25. Hand me Down My Walking Cane
26. Deep Sea Low Down

Recording information: 01/28/1924-11/04/1930.

Bernie Cummins (vocals, kazoo, drums); Paul Roberts (vocals, trumpet); Belle Mann (vocals); Jack King (alto, clarinet, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone); Wally Smith (alto, clarinet, alto saxophone); Paul Miller (violin); Ambrose Barringer, Ernie Mathias (trumpet); William Diehl (tuba, double bass); Archie Miller (piano).
Bernard Joseph "Bernie" Cummins (March 14, 1900 – September 22, 1986) was an American jazz drummer and bandleader.

The name of Bernie Cummins does not immediately come to mind when composing a list of the hotter 1920s and 1930s dance bands - the competition for such a list would be cough, and partly because his band didn't have any illustrious names and partly because of lack of exposure on reissues, Cummins has yet to be presented to a contemporary audience. This is the first CD totally dedicated to his music.

Like his contemporary Guy Lombardo, Bernie Cummins' band started life as a hot nightclub and dance hall band, but pressures of commercialisation and changing tastes led him to follow the path of a showband leader, happily dividing his time between lucrative hotel residencies and theatre work.

Dance band leader Bernie Cummins originally started his musical career as a drummer. However, as his group grew Cummins took over its leadership, and they played their first ballroom engagement at the Toadstool Inn in Indiana in 1919. From then on Cummins’ group, which included such sidemen as Walter Cummins (his brother), Carl Radlach, Paul Miller, Paul Roberts, Bernard Rohenstien, Eddie Lane, Charlie Callas, Paul Blakely, Ernie Mathias, Wally Smith, Bob Gebhart, Bill Diehl, Jimmy McMillen, Dippy Johnson, Ford Cansfield, Church Campbell, Thurman Steeler, Chet Jones, Winston Leach, Don McLure, Paul Thatcher and Fred Benson, became an enormously popular fixture of night-clubs, hotels and halls throughout America. Some of their most prestigious engagements included the Aragon Ballroom, the Trianon Ballroom, Edgewater Beach Hotel and the Blackstone Hotel (all Chicago), the Raddisson (Minnesota), the Muehlbach (Kansas City), the Roosevelt (New Orleans), the Baker (Dallas), and the Palace and St. Francis (San Francisco). They also played at entertainment parks, including Elitch’s Gardens in Denver. As well as extensive radio coverage, Cummins’ band was also among the most widely recorded of the whole dance band era. Their contracts included Gennett, Vocalion Records, Bluebird Records, Decca Records, Brunswick Records, Victor Records and Columbia Records, effectively all the major recording houses of the time. By the 50s the band’s popularity allowed its leader to find employment on the Las Vegas entertainment strip, until he eventually retired from bandleading in 1959.

This 26 track compilation is the first CD totally dedicated to dance band leader Cummins & His Orchestra, who never achieved the fame of his contemporaries, but nonetheless created a considerable amount of high quality output for the family-owned Gennett Contains 26 tracks.
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